Angpao DOKU 2020

Promo starts on 27 Jan 2020 till 10 March 2020

Let’s celebrate Chinese New Year with DOKU! DOKU will be given away special Angpao in a form of discount (promo code).

DOKU e-Wallet: Discount 10.000 with minimum purchase 100.000, Valid for 500 transaction, Each promo code valid for one-time transaction.


1. Make a purchase via OffGamers

2. Select the vouchers or items games that you want to buy

3. Select the payment channel E-Wallet and choose DOKU e-Wallet and click pay now

4. Enter your billing info and click pay now

5. Enter your DOKU ID email and password

6. Enter the promo code ANGPAOGAMERS in the Promo code column and click redeem

7. Make sure the code promo has been successfully used in the final value of the payment

8. Enter the PIN in the PIN column

9. Click pay and the transaction is successful

10. Eligible for a one-time transaction with 1 (one) DOKU ID


1. Lakukan pembelian via OffGamers

2. Pilih voucher atau items games yang ingin anda beli

3. Pilih channel pembayaran E-Wallet kemudian pilih DOKU e-Wallet, tekan pay now

4. Masukan billing info anda, lalu klik pay now

5. Masukan email dan password DOKU ID anda

6. Masukan promo code ANGPAOGAMERS di kolom promo code lalu klik redeem

7. Pastikan promo code sudah berhasil digunakan pada bagian nilai akhir pembayaran

8. Masukan PIN pada kolom PIN

9. Klik bayar dan transaksi berhasil

10. Hanya berlaku untuk pembelian pertama dengan menggunakan 1 (satu) DOKU ID


For more information, please visit:
DOKU Promo Page.

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