Blade & Soul: Dark Passage Update Arrives July 22nd



July 22nd brings us Dark Passage, the newest update for Blade & Soul! The update brings with it several item additions and system changes along with exciting new limited time events. Dark Passage features:

New Hunting Zone – Nyraka

Infected by demons and fiends, the isle of Nyraka has felt the effects of Mushin’s meddling in the Divine Realm. This place knows no friends, only foes, as dark thoughts and violence pollute the land and mind.

Nyraka is a hunting zone open to PvE and PvP from July 22 to August 19. Auto-Combat can be used in this zone. Accept the Letter Quest A Keeper’s Call to make your way over there.

Silversteel Laboratory

Silversteel Laboratory is a 12 player raid recommended for level 60 HM 16 or higher. Lead Engineer Shingun has discovered Silversteel automaton protypes from what remains of the Steelbreaker. Instead of destroying these robotic creations, he and his team have decided to rebuild the automatons to better serve the Talus Dominion. Some quality control and testing are needed for these former Silversteel automatons, and this is where you come in.

Koldrak Fever

Available Firday, Saturday, and Sunday, the Koldrak’s Lair daily quest will have a bonus item that can be earned, a Koldrak’s Cache. A Koldrak’s Cache contains the following items:


  • Koldrak Scale x2
  • Koldrak Ember x1

    Guaranteed 1 out of 4

  • 10 Sacred Crystal Bundle x1
  • 10 Soulstone Crystal Bundle x1
  • 10 Elysian Crystal Bundle x1
  • 10 Moonstone Crystal Bundle x1

    Chance to Receive

  • Hexagonal Garnet
  • Heptagonal Garnet

    After stockpiling your Koldrak Embers, you can exchange them at the Dragon Express for the following rewards:

  • Sparkling Ascension Stone Chest for 4x Koldrak Embers
  • Sparkling Radiance Stone Chest for 3x Koldrak Embers
  • Superior Reputation Charm for 1x Koldrak Ember

    Summer of Splendor

    Bask in the rewards earned from the Summer of Splendor event and find hidden rewards from magical lamps! Visit the Hongmoon Store on July 22 and pick up a Wishing Chest for 0 Hongmoon Coin (only available once per account). The Chest contains 60x Antique Lamps and 5x Polishing Cloths.

    Use Polishing Cloths to restore an Antique Lamp into a Pristine Lamp or a Wishing Lamp.

  • Pristine Lamp: 1x Antique Lamp and 3x Polishing Cloth
  • Wishing Lamp: 1x Pristine Lamp and 3x Polishing Cloth or 1x Antique Lamp and 1x Special Polishing Cloth
  • Special Polishing Cloth: 5x Polishing Cloth

    In addition to the 5 polishing cloths provided in the Wishing Chest, Cloths can be obtained through Login Rewards, completing Daily Challenges, exchanging at the Dragon Express for 2000 Angler’s Pearls, or once per day at the Hongmoon Store for 80 NCoin.

    All three Lamps share a 5-hour cooldown when opened; depending on your schedule, the Lamps can be opened frequently each day for the duration of the event for various upgrade materials, including the event currency Wishing Charms and Scrubbing Charms. Wishing Charms and Scrubbing Charms can be spent in the Dragon Express for additional rewards of your choosing.

    In addition to those lamps, completing the Dynamic Quests for the following raids allows you to uncover a Lustrous Lamp:

  • Skybreak Spire Raid, The Raven King Quest – 1x Raven’s Lustrous Lamp
  • Temple of Eluvium Raid, The Great Thrall Brawl Quest – 1x Queen’s Lustrous Lamp
  • Nightfall Sanctuary raid, Stealer of the Light Quest – 1x Emperor’s Lustrous Lamp
  • Scarlet Conservatory Raid, Dowager’s Downfall Quest – 1x Dowager’s Lustrous Lamp
  • The Steelbreaker Raid, Cold as Steel Quest – 1x Silversteel Lustrous Lamp

    These Lustrous Lamps contain:

  • Raven’s Lustrous Lamp: 4x~7x Raven King’s Soul, 1x Wishing Charm
  • Queen’s Lustrous Lamp: 4x~7x Hive Queen’s Heart, 1x Wishing Charm
  • Emperor’s Lustrous Lamp: 1x~3x Grand Celestial Steel, 1x Wishing Charm
  • Dowager’s Lustrous Lamp: 1x~2x Blood Rose, 1x Wishing Charm
  • Silversteel Lustrous Lamp: 1x~2x Silversteel Ore, 1x Wishing Charm

    Scrubbing Charms, Wishing Charms, and any spare Polishing Cloths can be exchanged at the Dragon Express for many rewards including Grand Wishing Chests, Celestial Emperor’s Reward Selection Chest, and Steelbreaker Attack Charms.

    These events start when Blade & Soul: Dark Passage launches on July 22 along with their New PvE Weapon Tier, Mythical Weapon Enchantment System, and several other small changes.

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    For more Information:
    Blade and Soul: Dark Passage Event Preview Page

    Additional Websites:
    OffGamers BLADE & SOUL (PC) (US)
    OffGamers 剑灵 (PC) (中服)

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