Cabal Online – 7th Anniversary Event

Dear Cabalist, we are pleased to announce that Cabal Online is 7 years old now. To celebrate Cabal’s 7th Anniversary, we’ve prepared a variety of events for you to partake in.

Perserving Warriors

7th Anniversary Raffle Event

Luck & hard-work goes hand in hand, neither one can exist without the other.
Complete the requirements and you will be rewarded for your efforts, so wait no longer and get to it!

Event Period: 4th – 25th March 2015

Tier Requirements

A page will be provided at later date for Cabalist to check your accumulated points throughout the event.

Returning Warriors

Super Character Giveaway

For any Cabalist who has last logged in between the periods 1st May – 31st July 2014,
you will receive a coupon which allows you to redeem 1 Lv. 100 Character for FREE !
You will also receive the following items to help you catch up to your other friends who are currently active in Cabal.

Happy Cabaling ~

For more information, please visit: Cabal Online Official Site.

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