@Cash SG: Hohoho Christmas is here Early with OffGamers

Dear Maplers,

OffGamers is back! In the spirit of Christmas, it is never about receiving, it is about giving, and we’re giving away two very special gifts for naughty & nice maplers!

Event Date: 10th Dec – 31st Dec, 2018


Simply purchase & convert 30k and 50k respectively in their denomination to be eligible!

1. Purchase and convert 30k @Cash to 30k Maple Cash to get a free Heart Balloon Damage Skin.

2. Purchase and convert 50k @Cash to 50k Maple Cash to get a free Christmas Pop-Up Card Chair.

Important: To receive both rewards, one must purchase 30k and 50k separately and convert.


Enjoy Christmas together with us! Hurry now and top up @Cash with OffGamers !!!

@Cash Singapore


Code Redemption:

1. Login to MapleSEA.
2. Go to the Cash Shop in game and select “Coupon” Button.
3. Key in the 30-digit code inside the pop-up window below and click “OK”.
4. Do note that the items redeemed cannot be traded.


Terms & Conditions

1. Redemption Codes can ONLY be redeemed once.
2. Promotion is open to all OffGamers customers.
3. Please redeem the code before the coupon expiry date and utilize the item redeemed before the item’s expiry date.
4. All coupons will expire on 28th February 2019.
5. First 300 Customers to complete Charging and Conversion of 30K/50K @Cash to 30k/50K Maple Cash within the event period of 10th December 2018 ~ 31st December 2018 will qualify for the promotion. While Stocks Last!
6. Conversions from 30K/50K @Cash to 30K/50K Maple Cash must be completed in 1 single transaction.
7. All Charging & Conversion completed after the event date will NOT be entitled to receive the Cash Item Heart Balloon Damage Skin and Christmas Pop-Up Card Chair.
8. Eligible winners will need to retrieve the redemption code from their Asiasoft Passport’s registered emails.
9. PlayPark Pte Ltd, Nexon Korea Corporation and participating partner will not be responsible for any loss of redemption code through lost mail, compromised email accounts and expired codes.
10. PlayPark Pte Ltd, Nexon Korea Corporation and participating partner reserves the rights to make any changes to the above stated promotion without any prior notice.


For more information, please visit:
Maple Story Official Site.

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