Destiny 2 Might Not Come To 2016

The rumor mill has been spinning hard as a report by Kotaku seems to indicate that Destiny 2 might not come to consoles this 2016. Although no official announcement had been made regarding a sequel to the alway-online shooter, gaming insider and fans alike had always assumed that Activision and Bungie would keep the Destiny momentum going with another September release.

Destiny 2 Rumors

It’s no secret that Activision has begun work on a follow-up to Destiny, as revealed by Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg in response to an investor query. And the consensus was that it would be released in 2016, but if the reports by Kotaku were to be true, then Destiny 2 looks to be a 2017 release instead.

The last major content for Destiny was the DLC, The Taken King, in which Bungie had done a significant overhaul of the game. From the UI to in-game balance, Destiny in 2015 was a far cry from its 2014 counterpart. The problem now? There hasn’t been any news regarding the next major content for Destiny in 2016.

It’s not to say that no content whatsoever have been coming to Destiny. In October, gamers were treated to a Halloween-inspired event with the Festival of the Lost and most recently, a Sparrow Racing League that was created due to popular demand by gamers. A Valentine’s Day-inspired event is the next timed event planned by Bungie.

Destiny Sparrow Racing League

As fun as these events are, it’s not what fans of Destiny are clamoring for. New strikes, new locations, new raids, and new maps, these are the things that the hardcore players of Destiny looks forward to. Unfortunately, at the moment, Bungie and Activision hasn’t been forthright with their plans for Destiny and this leaves plenty of dedicated players feeling frustrated with the game’s roadmap in 2016.

It’s important to note that Activision has not issued any official statement regarding Destiny 2. For now, we’ll just have to wait until E3 2016 where official announcements on Destiny‘s future will be revealed.

Source: Kotaku

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