Diablo III: Max Level in Half a minute

Hey guys!

If some of you may know, leveling up a character got a so much more easier in Diable III after the introduction of the Paragon Levels and Seasons, and it’s very easy for a level 1 character to max boost up in level when there is a party of max levels.

But look at this epic clip! This player reached level cap in just 33 seconds is pretty impressive.

Some of you may wonder how to recreate this amazing stun done, here are a few tips on how to reach max cap asap!

  • Enter a Cow Rift. Cow rifts are rare but they spawn more frequent than the normal rifts after the latest patch. Cow Rift means more gold, more XP and of course, more stronger items.
  • Farm all bounties beforehand in Torment X difficulty and get all the caches and drop em on the ground, this will lead to more gold.
  • Then use Gold-to-XP bracers (Custerian Wristguards) with Kanai’s Cube to get it’s legendary affix. Now, all gold dropped from monster and bounty cashes will turn into XP.
  • You can also use a Level 25 “Gem of Ease”, a legendary gem that will reduce the level requirements of any item to 1 while also significantly increases the XP gained by you.
  • Also wearing a Leoric Signet and/or Leoric’s Crown with a red gem socketed do also help increase the amount of XP gained as well.
  • Lastly, bring your friends with their powerful characters to the party will significantly help a lot.


The video above obviously did follow some of these tips and maybe even more hidden tricks too!

Items mentioned aboved:

Wristguard Diablo 3

Gem of Ease Diablo3

Leoric's Diablo 3

Crown Diablo 3

Either way, this is pretty amazing video!

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