Dragomon Hunter – Open Beta and Loyalty Program!

Recently, Aeria Games released a new game called Dragomon Hunter.

Dragomon feature banner
Dynamic Combat
Identify the weak spots of your enemies, dodge their strongest abilities, and unleash your own fierce attacks to emerge victorious.

Dragomon Combat Dragomon Combat

- Varied Weapons and Gear
Loot, craft and customize a wide range of equipment. Imbue any weapon or piece of armor with Dragocite to enhance its power. With hundreds of different Dragocite crystals available, the possibilities for customization are endless!

Dragomon Weapon

– Astonishing Mounts
If you can fight it, you can ride it! Every monster in the world can be tamed! (OMG!?!?!)

DMH_Screenshots_4_small Dragomon MountsDragomon Mounts Dragomon Mounts

Faithful Companions
Choose a class for your companion and level them up – experiment and discover the perfect combination of classes for your hunting duo! This companion will be given to all players at the start of the game, their skill-sets can be customized to work well with your character!

Dragomon Companions

– Competing Factions
The Free Trappers, advocating an autonomous and adventurous approach to hunting, and The Warden’s Federation, which seeks to regulate hunting in order to conduct business more safely and reliably.

Dragomon Hunter is currently in Open Beta and they just started a Loyalty Program for the whole period of November!

Looking for Aeria Game Points.


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