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Don’t let credit card complexity stop your online enjoyment.

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Easy and secure way to pay online without having to use credit cards, make your life easier, simpler to shop, buy gift card, pay your internet subscriptions, landline, mobile and more.

You can pay your bills easily and at any time through the ‘Digital Elites Card Wallet’.

Directly and from anywhere.

Charge your digital wallet directly through thousands of stores.

It protects your money from fraud and theft through advanced and secure technology.

Shop from many different stores and services online.

Download the ELITESCARD application to manage your portfolio easily and enjoy other services from Elites Card.

You do not need to carry a card in your pocket, you can use the Digital Wallet Card at any time.

Purchase Elitescard (Global) now!

Elitescard (Global)


How to use the card:

1. Login to your personal Elitescard account or create a new account through www.elitescard.net

2. Click on your current credit

3. Enter last 4 digits in serial number then the card secret code then click (Add)


For more information, please visit:
Elitescard Official Site.

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Elitescard (Global)

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