Eudemons Online Gift Pack Giveaway only at OffGamers!

OffGamers has partnered with Eudemons Online team to bring a special Free Gift Pack for our new players to challenge new server Delphinus! The pack will give you several amazing prizes!

Lucky Media Pack Includes:

You can open this pack to get One Million Gold, a Graceful Fiery Soul Pack (30 Days), an Elf Nevaeh Pack, a Sea of Stars (14 Days), one set of Level 51 Super Equipment and one Level 71 Super Weapon.

Event Rules:

1. Event Duration: Oct. 28th to Nov. 27th (PST).
2. One gift per newly created character.
3. Only for the new player who has successfully registered during the event.
4. Code can only be used in new server Delphinus.

How to Redeem Your Gift?

Step 1: Sign up for FREE on our relative game page.
Step 2: Download the game and login to create a new character.
Step 3: Open “Hot Event” on the top right of the game and claim your code on Gift Pack Code page.
Step 4: Then you can get gifts through the mail.

About Eudemons Online

Eudemons Online, a fantasy MMORPG, will be officially come out on Steam on Oct. 28th.

You can get Eudemons Online for FREE then! In this mythic world, you can choose to be a Warrior, a Mage, a Paladin, a Vampire, a Necromancer, a Shadow Knight and a Ranger. Over one hundred distinct Eudemons are ready to assist you in your travels. Select and train them wisely to add extra power to your character. Besides that, exciting instance, wonderful visual effect, fierce PVP content will get you an unforgettable experience. Since launched, Eudemons Online has attracted over a million players worldwide.

In order to make the player have more fun, there are several events held on the server.
Firstly, every person who logs in the new server will get one special pack during Oct. 29th – Nov. 9th.
You get tons of reward from this pack and all of them are valuable! Then, you will enjoy a unique new sever event, such as competition, sale and treasure hunter on Delphinus and get honour from it!



Don’t miss it! Join Eudemons Online today !!!

Eudemons Online
(PC) (Global)
Eudemons Online
(PC) (Global) (MGC)


For more information, please visit:
Eudemons Online Official Site.

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