Fallout Shelter Walkthrough

Here are the most important Fallout Shelter tips and tricks to level up faster, get more dwellers and unlock new building types.

Fallout Shelter is a new mobile game for the iOS and Android devices, that lets users build and manage a vault from the popular Fallout game. This is not Fallout 4 for the iPhone and there is no tie in with stats or in-game bonuses for the Fallout 4 release date later this year.

Fallout Shelter is free to play with the option to spend up to $19.99 on in-app purchases that deliver items, caps, resources and new dwellers. You can play this game without spending any real money, and it’s easier if you use the Fallout Shelter tips below.

Rule 1: Build with Purpose

It’s not until after you build a few rooms that the game tells you the biggest secret in where to place your rooms. If you build two rooms next to each other they join and offer better performance.

You can also place three of a room next to each other to link up those, but you don’t get as much of a bonus across the board when you do this.

Plan where to build, make sure you leave space to connect your rooms to one of the same types.

Rule 2: Place Dwellers in the Right Rooms

In the beginning, when you start bringing dwellers into the vault, you need to make sure their abilities suit the room. This boosts production and will keep them happy. Tap on any dweller to see their attributes and what they are best at.

Rather than try to remember the specials that help each room, you can just zoom into the room to see which special does best there. The small letter in a circle shows you which special attribute will boost production.

You can also drag the dweller from room to room to see where they will fit best. The letter and a positive or negative number will show on-screen when you do this. Drop them in the right room for better production.

If you add someone with luck to a room it will increase the chance of success on a “Rush”. You’ll get extra caps but it always depends on the risk you willing to take.

Rule 3: Upgrade Your Rooms

When you are out of space to merge your room, you can choose to upgrade your room by spending more caps. The upgrade will increase more production/output. Tap on a room and then on the upgrade arrow in the upper right to upgrade.

Rule 4: Keep Everyone Happy

The most important rule of all is to keep your dwellers happy. By making them happy, this will increase output, which makes the game easier overall. You can see your overall happiness score on the face in the upper left of the screen.

You can also tap on an individual dweller to see their happiness. You can manage happiness by keeping resources above the minimum, placing dwellers into a job they like and by giving them breaks in lounges or in the living quarters.

Place an unhappy dweller in the living quarters with one of the opposite sex and eventually they will flirt, which will result with a baby on the way. This results in 100% happiness for both characters and the woman is at 100% happiness for the length of the pregnancy.

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