FFXIV: StormBlood Coming Summer 2017

Hey guys! As the video above suggest, Final Fantasy 14’s new expansion that will be heading your way next Summer and it is call Stormblood.

The following are the update that will be coming in for the expension:-

  • Stormblood will explore Ala Mhigo, and it’s main focus is to regain control of Ala Mhigo from the Garlean Empire which had control over 20 years.
  • Main atagonist to be Zenos Yae Galvus, XIIth Legion Legatus and de facto ruler of Ala Mhigo.
  • Area shown in teaser trailer is Rhalgr’s Reach, the HQ of Ala Migho’s main resistance.
  • Multiple new jobs to be discussed at future date.
  • New Level Cap has increased to 70 and more actions for each jobs to go with this new cap.
  • Revamped battle system to go with new actions
  • Reassessment of unused/ineffective actions
  • New Areas to be introduced, comparable in size to Heavensward areas
  • Stormblood will be a full standalone game’s worth of content
  • New Primals and new dungeons to be introduced with new battle and dungeon concepts.
  • New Gear and Recipes, including winners of Fan’s Gear Design Contest.
  • A 4th Residential Area to be added.


Not only that, there are two final announcements that was made:-

1) Changes to Windows version Minimum Specs requirements. Current minimum specs are geared towards components you can’t even buy anymore. So, for the best gaming experience possible, they’ve decided to raise their minimum specs. “If possible, maybe upgrade to 64-bit OS” but they will still support 32-bit. They just suggest 64-bit will be best gaming experience.

2) End of PlayStation 3 support. This got the second biggest cheers. They’ve been examining numbers and have seen a large migration of PS3 to PS4 so they have decided it is the right time to end PS3 support. To show appreciation to their PS3 fans that helped them get to where they are now, there will be a special FREE PS3 to PS4 upgrade campaign.

Now for the featured images:-




For more updates regarding the expansion, check FFXIV Reddit Post for more in depth knowledge.

For the Official Website, Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood.

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    Hi, will you be selling a pre-order of this like you’re doing with the FFXIV time cards? Will compare and then purchase if worthy if you do sell. Kindly inform, thank you.

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