Fly For Fun: Boboko Upgrade Challenge

Event Schedule: May 6 – 31, 2020


1. Players must upgrade the element of the Bruce Lee Fist available in Fly For Fun Shop and trade it for premium items, add pierce to a weapon, add upgrades to an accessory, or make a perfect level upgrade to a pet.

2. To register, players must fill up the registration form every trading schedule:

May 10 Trading – Registration: May 6 to 9
May 17 Trading Registration: May 11 to 16
May 24 Trading Registration: May 17 to 23
May 31 Trading Registration: May 24 to 30

3. Only the registered players are allowed to participate in the trading.

4. There is no trade limit, as long the player has the correct upgrade of the Bruce Lee Fist and qualified items, he/she can participate in the Trading.


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For more information, please visit:
Fly For Fun Official Site.

Related Link:
Fly For Fun (PC) (SEA)

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