Forget The Warcraft Movie, This Is ‘My World of Warcraft’

The Warcraft Movie is all set to be a major blockbuster when it releases in theaters next month, but it looks like China doesn’t want to be left out on all the Warcraft buzz. Get ready to enter My World of Warcraft (My WoW).

My WoW Press Conference

My World of Warcraft (or its Chinese title, 我的魔兽世界) is the upcoming epic fantasy film from China that looks suspiciously similar to the World of Warcraft game.

The movie was announced at a press conference back in April with details regarding the movie being scant except that it will involve fantasy (obviously), time travel and love.

The movie’s tagline, which itself doesn’t explain anything, reads “A man gets transported to a fantasy world of warcraft, where the impossible occurs…”

And if you’re wondering whether Blizzard’s involved in the production, they are not, which makes the title slightly misleading. As of this moment, Blizzard has not given any official announcement.

Given the popularity of World of Warcraft in China, it makes sense for them to capitalize on the hype by releasing a Warcraft movie of their own. At least, it’ll feature folks in familiar garb from the World of Warcraft.

My World of Warcraft Press Conference

The movie is being directed by Zhang Wei and stars Hong Kong actors Waise Lee, and Wong Yat-Fei.

Zhang was quoted saying, “I have injected the entirety of my favor and passion into this movie, completely depleting the whole of my efforts to show a spectacle that is both sensible to a logical mind and yet remains an unceasing marvel for the eyes to behold.”

My World of Warcraft is scheduled to release this month, ahead of the Warcraft Movie, so we’ll see how much effort Zhang has put into in making the movie a spectacle.

While it might be fun to see how bad (or so-bad-that-it’s-good) My World of Warcraft is, we’re more hyped for the Hollywood version of Warcraft that’s set to come out on June 8 in China and June 10 for the rest of the world.

Source: Kotaku

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