G2A Gift Card Raffles Giveaway Winners List

Here are the raffles winners list for the G2A Gift Card Raffles Give-away Promotion with OffGamers.

Visit this link HERE for more info.


Raffles winners list:

Grand Prize Winner : G2A Gaming Chair

Chokchai – OffGamers ID: 2576275


2nd to 6th Prize Winner : 20 EUR Gift Cards

Jose – OffGamers ID: 3360220

Leonel – OffGamers ID: 3223630

Edward – OffGamers ID: 2601160

孙 – OffGamers ID: 2825850

Arif – OffGamers ID: 3101083


7th to 16th Prize Winner : 10 EUR Gift Cards

Bagus – OffGamers ID: 2598258

Wei – OffGamers ID: 3273016

Rosandy – OffGamers ID: 3361900

Hossien – OffGamers ID: 2700412

Ahmet – OffGamers ID: 2601638

Hamied – OffGamers ID: 525050

Marc – OffGamers ID: 3260639

Amine – OffGamers ID: 3064156

Sergejs – OffGamers ID: 3278509

Jens – OffGamers ID: 3298433


Consolation Bonus: Free 1 random game from these 4 titles Dirt 3 / Dirt 3 Showdown / Syberia 1 / Syberia 2

Akram – OffGamers ID: 3350069

Irham – OffGamers ID: 2512181

Maytham – OffGamers ID: 725683

Mary – OffGamers ID: 3365552

Sai Ye – OffGamers ID: 3371057

Ali – OffGamers ID: 470320

Haykhal – OffGamers ID: 3311416

Atilio – OffGamers ID: 3103981

Aumbbel – OffGamers ID: 680601

Farhad – OffGamers ID: 3173872

Raphael – OffGamers ID: 2816905

Abdullah – OffGamers ID: 3373194

Nathan – OffGamers ID: 3017478

Omar – OffGamers ID: 2753719

Stevan – OffGamers ID: 3340762

El-Maleh – OffGamers ID: 3005734


– The prizes will be delivered to the respective winners email within these week.
– The grand prize G2A Gaming Ghair will be courier to the winner billing address and expected arrival date by 2nd week of June 2017.


For more information, please visit:
G2A Official Site.

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