Granado Espada Online – Welcome the new Students!

Part I: Web Shop costume sale

Sale period: 7 Nov to 21 Nov (01:00 EST)

School Look packages for Bloody Navy Cano/Commander in Chief Cano, Nena and Gracielo are now available!


Part II: Lucky Shop rate boost

Promo period: 7 Nov to 21 Nov (01:00 EST)

Item rates of Bloody Navy Cano Card, Commander in Chief Cano Card and [Violetta Ferro] Stance Book are doubled!


Top-up Granado Espada Online now!

GoCash Game Card
OpenBucks Card


Part III: Freshman Certification Event

Event period: 7 Nov to 26 Nov (23:59 EST)

Take a screenshot or create fan art of Gracielo/Nena/Commander in Chief Cano/Bloody Navy Cano in their School Look costumes, and post them in the designated thread in the forums.


– .jpg or .png file format
– Image size must be 1024×768 or 1920×1080
– Family name must be written correctly

A maximum of 10 entries will be selected and will receive 15,000 TCoins.


For more information, please visit:
Granado Espada Online.

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Ubisoft Publisher Sales on Steam now, save up to 90%!

Ubisoft Publisher Sales on Steam now, save up to 90%!

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《御剑情缘》3/21 – 3/23 此曲天上有 樱角探芬芳

《御剑情缘》3/21 - 3/23 此曲天上有 樱角探芬芳

《御剑情缘》3/21 - 3/23 此曲天上有 樱角探芬芳

活动时间:2019.03.21 00:00 - 2019.03.23 23:59 活动内容:活动储值送『暗夜涅槃』、『熊猫竹舫』、『千纸鹤』、『座驾‧云狐』、『羽倾天下套装』、『霜雪千年套装』等。   立刻储值《御剑情缘》,丰富奖励等你来哦!   一次满足全部获取,累积最高可获得: 『天籁歌姬x1』『樱月神鹿x1』『福瑞花锦x3200』『灵气x800』『太清玉册x3500』『低级子女祝福石x60』『子女祝福石x500』『8阶宝石箱x220 』『10级宝石箱x200』『彩翼x20』『宝石融炼剂x120』『灵气x999...

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