Granado Espada Online – Welcome the new Students!

Part I: Web Shop costume sale

Sale period: 7 Nov to 21 Nov (01:00 EST)

School Look packages for Bloody Navy Cano/Commander in Chief Cano, Nena and Gracielo are now available!


Part II: Lucky Shop rate boost

Promo period: 7 Nov to 21 Nov (01:00 EST)

Item rates of Bloody Navy Cano Card, Commander in Chief Cano Card and [Violetta Ferro] Stance Book are doubled!


Top-up Granado Espada Online now!

GoCash Game Card
OpenBucks Card


Part III: Freshman Certification Event

Event period: 7 Nov to 26 Nov (23:59 EST)

Take a screenshot or create fan art of Gracielo/Nena/Commander in Chief Cano/Bloody Navy Cano in their School Look costumes, and post them in the designated thread in the forums.


– .jpg or .png file format
– Image size must be 1024×768 or 1920×1080
– Family name must be written correctly

A maximum of 10 entries will be selected and will receive 15,000 TCoins.


For more information, please visit:
Granado Espada Online.

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由网元圣唐旗下上海烛龙研发的国风新仙侠网游《古剑奇谭网络版》2020年度版本“瀚海惊弦”现已正式公测!神鸟凤凰现于偏远贫瘠的村镇,带来了富足安宁。众人感激神明庇佑,便使成衣匠仿制神鸟化身的模样制作了华丽的衣衫,又将凤凰遗落的金翎彩翮装点披风,唯有年节庆典时,众人才会着此衣衫披风,用以纪念这段仙缘。四款披风各具不同风韵,或是华丽璀璨,或是俊逸优雅。仙家弟子可有看中的款式?   全新世界大幕将启,加入我们一起来冒险和挑战吧!     WeGame版地址:...

Rainbow Six Siege’s Halloween event is full of murder Muppets

Rainbow Six Siege’s Halloween event is full of murder Muppets

Rainbow Six Siege’s Halloween event is full of murder Muppets

Ubisoft will shake things up with its new Rainbow Six Siege Halloween event, Sugar Fright, which runs Oct. 27 through Nov. 10. In Sugar Fright, players will enter into a colorful new map and select one of 10 Operators-turned-puppets. The teams battle against each other to see who can...





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