Greyhollow Island Is Absolutely Creepy In Diablo 3’s New Video

When patch 2.4.0 rolls out next year, Diablo 3 fans can expect plenty of updates and additions to the game. But the biggest addition that most fans are looking forward to is the new zone for Adventure Mode. The new zone, Greyhollow Island, was finally shown in action in one of Blizzard’s developer video.

The creepy factor is definitely evident, even in the few glimpses that we see in the video. But, it’s the description from Blizzard’s blog post that really sets the tone for Greyhollow Island:

“The atmosphere, enemies, and gameplay of Greyhollow Island all deliver a creepy, lonely sensation designed to instill desperation in those lost among the boughs of its broken tree line. Both flora and fauna can be described as bloodthirsty, and only the most stalwart explorers will discover the secrets buried within. We’re excited for players to dive in and piece together the legend left behind by Greyhollow’s mysterious. Be wary, adventurers, lest you become yet another forgotten victim crushed beneath this ancient evil.” 

Diablo 3 Greyhollow Island

With plenty of secrets, buried underneath its cursed land, the forested Greyhollow Island will give players a definite sense of isolation as humanoid-based NPCs will be minimal in this new area. Of course, expect plenty of monsters (of the natural and supernatural kind) lurking within the corners, waiting for a chance to attack.

For Blizzard, the new area also presents a new challenge for the team to weave more storytelling into a mode that’s typically devoid of any plot. “Grasping the story of Greyhollow is a more complex endeavor than a jaunt through the zone,” Blizzard explains in a blog post. “As you explore the island, you’ll begin to unravel the mystery that’s threaded through each journal entry and event you stumble upon. Not every player will experience the story in quite the same way and may not even draw the same conclusions as a result; it’s truly the choice of each adventurer how much they want to focus on what’s unfolding or just blitz through and check a bounty off their list.”

Diablo 3 Blizzard Greyhollow Island

Diablo 3‘s 2.4.0 patch is scheduled to go live in 2016. Until then, gamers should prepare themselves by heading back into the depths of Diablo 3 and start grinding for the good gear and armor to survive the Greyhollow Island.

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Source: Blizzard

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