Heroes of the Storm – PTR Patch Notes

The next Heroes of the Storm patch has just hit the Public Test Realm and will be available for playtesting until the week of March 25.

Caldeum Complex Loot Chests

Starting the week of March 26, all Loot chests earned through progression (except Hero-specific Chests), Heroes Brawl, or by spending Gold will be Caldeum Complex Loot Chests. These loot chests guarantee at least one item from the Caldeum Complex or previous years’ Lunar New Year Spring events. Carve out your place among the infamous gangs and score yourself some sweet loot before the streets calm on April 30!

Note: Loot Chests earned prior to the start of this event will not become Caldeum Complex Loot Chests.


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Heroes of the Storm


Caldeum Complex Quest Chain

· Make Contact with the Dragons: Capture 8 Mercenary camps in winning games

Reward: Azure Dragons Spray and 3 Day Boost

· Meet the Azure Prophet: Win 2 games as a Melee or Ranged Assassin

Reward: Azure Dragon Chromie Portrait and a Caldeum Complex Loot Chest

· Earn the Turtles’ Trust: Contribute 25,000 XP in winning games

Reward: Onyx Turtles Spray and 250 Gold

· Spar with Kharazim: Win 2 Games as Healer or Support

Reward: Onyx Turtle Kharazim Portrait and Cyberpunk Phrases Pack

· Join the Tigers’ Hunt: Kill 150 Minions in winning games

Reward: Ivory Tigers Spray and 250 Gold

· Prove Your Valor to Johanna: Win 2 games as Tank or Bruiser

Reward: Ivory Tiger Johanna Portrait and a Caldeum Complex Loot Chest

· Take Down the CyberOni Butcher: Achieve 50 takedowns in winning games

Reward: Jigoku Cybernetics Spray and Jigoku Cybernetics Butcher Portrait

· Raid Jigoku Cybernetics Research Facility: Destroy 10 Forts or Keeps in winning games

Reward: Jigoku Cyber Oni Warboar and 500 Gold


For more information, please visit:
Heroes of the Storm Official Site.

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