How to Get Better in PUBG Mobile in the Next 10 Minutes

Want to get better at PUBG Mobile? Although competitive and fun, PUBG can be intimidating for new players to jump into a game without being obliterated by seasoned veterans. You need to hone your skills quickly if you want to be a better player and decide later whether you should buy PUBG UC after getting really good at this game.

There are a lot of tricks that seasoned players use to have an advantage when they enter the game.

Luckily, you can jumpstart your gameplay by following proven tricks that you can begin implementing in the next 10 minutes.

Weapons are your friends, but you need to learn how to use your weapon and how each weapon works. PUBG does a good job of changing the characteristics of each weapon to match their real-life counterparts.

Practice makes perfect, so you’ll want to go to the practice range in the game.

In fact, if you don’t want to rage out and get obliterated in-game, start with the practice range. You’ll be able to use a variety of different weapons at the range and practice against both stationary and moving targets.

Equip the weapon you want to practice with and pay attention to everything from the bullet drop to the velocity of the bullet.

The range will also allow you to hone the skills you need to determine which weapon type you like best. Some players are mean snipers who like to hide far away and pick off one enemy after the next. Other players want to run into the action with an assault rifle and start a mass killing spree.

Find your groove and perfect weapon type in the practice range.

pubg bullet drop

Consider the Weapon’s Bullet Drop

Your weapon is pretty much everything when you’re playing PUBG. If you want to master the game, you’ll need to learn maps and how to strategize. But you’ll also need to become a master of weapons, and that’s going to be a major portion of our guide.

There’s a lot to cover, but it’s important to take every point and work to understand each concept.

  • Bullet drop is going to happen with every weapon. In fact, when you shoot a gun or rifle in real life, you’ll also have to deal with bullet drop to some degree. Let’s assume that your target is 1,000 feet away.
  • When you shoot, the bullet will stay relatively at the same height before gravity takes over and the bullet starts to drop.
  • Long distance accuracy is where bullet drop will impact your accuracy the most. You may need to shoot higher up to reach a headshot, for example. Let’s assume that one target is 100m away and another 400m away.
  • You can almost certainly get a headshot with the right rifle without much concern about bullet drop with the 100m target. When you want to hit the 400m target, you may have to shoot much higher than the person’s head so that even when the bullet drops, it’s a headshot.

Otherwise, the bullet may hit a person in the chest, shoulder or abdomen.

pubg mobile

Predict Bullet Speed with Compensation

Every weapon has its own bullet velocity, or the speed at which the bullet travels. You’ll need to use every weapon to have a better understanding of how the bullet travels. Assault rifles, for example, have a high velocity.

For example, here are the following initial bullet velocities for a variety of different assault rifles:

  • AUG A3 – 940m/s
  • M1614 – 900m/s
  • M416 – 880m/s
  • SCAR-L – 870m/s
  • QBZ – 870m/s
  • Beryl M762 – 715m/s
  • AKM– 715m/s
  • Groza – 715m/s
  • MK47 Mutant – 780m/s

Of course, there are a lot of different weapons that you can pick up, and this list is by no means extensive. You’ll also find attachments can have an impact on your shots, so really pay attention when shooting your weapons.

Once you have a good understanding of bullet speed and compensation, you’ll be able to time shots and make kills with much greater ease.

pubg enemy

Predict Your Enemy’s Movement

Other players are enemies. You don’t have time to be nice or “play fair.” I’m not saying that you should cheat or do anything of the sort. A powerful tactic that I recommend for all new players is to learn how to predict the movement of enemies.

Your enemies are moving in a certain way, and if you can predict their patterns, you can outsmart them.

This is an advanced technique, and you’ll have to get a feel for how each weapon’s bullet speed works. Some weapons have slower bullet speeds, and these are the weapons you’ll want to change to if you’re using this technique.

Once equipped, you’ll want to:

  • Watch an enemy’s movement
  • Try and predict where the enemy is going
  • Shoot in this direction by timing the bullet speed

Seasoned players will use this technique alongside our previous tip on bullet speed prediction to bring down their enemies.

What I recommend is that you observe your enemy’s movement. Some of your enemies will zigzag, while others will almost always run in a straight line.

pubg helmet

Wear a Helmet – Always

Helmets may look a little goofy, and some new players don’t like the way they look aesthetically. But if you’re not always helmet hunting, you’re at a major disadvantage. The problem is that your helmet isn’t indestructible – they take a lot of damage.

After a few shots, your helmet will fall off, leaving you vulnerable to a headshot.

If you do lose your helmet, hunt around for other helmets to always protect against snipers. Make note that there is more than one type of helmet, so try and find a level 2 helmet to help protect against headshots.

What’s the best helmet level? Level 3.

You’ll find the following helmets:

  1. Motorcycle helmet – level 1: reduces damage by 30% and has 80 durability
  2. Military helmet – level 2: reduces damage by 40% and has 150 durability
  3. Spetsnaz helmet – level 3: reduces damage by 55% and has 230 durability

The Spetsnaz helmet will be able to protect you against headshots from the M24 and Kar98k. Only the AWM will be able to take you down with single shot to the head. The next most powerful weapons will take more than one shot to bring you down if you’re wearing a level 3 helmet.

If you’re having difficulty surviving, especially when you’re in matches with a lot of snipers, make sure to find helmets to wear.

Note: Masks do not provide you with any protection or durability. The ballistic mask, it looks like a hockey mask, is just for cosmetics. You won’t gain any protection, but you will look pretty cool wearing it.

pubg armor

Wear Vests – They Add More Protection

Do you want even more protection? Strap on a vest. Players without armor or helmets are vulnerable and will take a lot of damage from shots. If you want to protect yourself, put on a vest and you’ll be able to take more shots before you die.

Vests are scattered around the map and also come in three main levels, with the level 3 vests being the most protective.

Any vest is better than no vest, and the order of efficiency is as follows:

  1. Police vest – level 1: reduces damage by 30% and has 200 durability
  2. Police vest – level 2: reduces damage by 40% and has 220 durability
  3. Military vest – level 3: reduces damage by 55% and has 250 durability

If you’re wearing the military vest, you can be shot four times with the Kar98k. Snipers may be able to kill you in two shots, depending on the gun. One of the best ways to get better at PUBG is to keep playing, and vests allow you the ability to take multiple shots without falling.

This extra in-game time allows you to hone your skills so that you last a little longer each game and hopefully get more kills.

pubg door

Close the Doors Behind You

Players open doors, and when a building’s doors are left open, guess what: people know someone is inside of the building. These players may have exited the building already, but you can be sure that other players entering the building with an open door will remain vigilant.

Closing the door behind you is one of the easiest steps you can make to become better at PUBG.

Closing the door allows you to catch players that enter the building by surprise. Ideally, you’ll want to position yourself in the building to use the element of surprise. Two key areas that people target are:

  • Doors
  • Staircases

As the player runs through the door or up the stairs, blast away and kill them. Using the element of surprise is one of the best ways that you can up your game. I recommend learning the maps, watching videos of others playing and being sure to close the door behind you.

While you won’t get the most kills by camping out in a building, you can certainly get a few unsuspecting victims out of the game.

pubg rooftop

Use the High Ground to Take People Out

Maps have high grounds that allow you to have a tactical advantage over your enemy. These grounds are the hills and mountains. When you go to these areas, you’ll be taking on the role of a sniper that is going to pick off player after player on the lower ground.

You’ll need one of the following:

  • Sniper rifle
  • Gun with an extended scope

Players that take the high ground will have the advantage, but you’ll also find some competition up top that you need to take out in the process.

The canyons of Miramar or the high areas in Sanhook are great areas to practice this technique.

pubg grenade toss

Throw Grenades in the Building First

Hostiles can be taken out with a bullet to the head, but why not blow your enemies away with a grenade? Remember how you should be closing the door behind you? Well, if you’re walking into a building and you’ve just watched a group of players enter,throw in a grenade.

Grenades are a great way to get some unexpected kills and force players out of a room.

If you’re tactical, throw the grenade into the room and take position, you’ll be able to make kills as they run out of the building or room to see who the grenade hostile is.

Small buildings are especially good options for grenades as well as small rooms. If the building or room is too large, chances are, the hostiles will find another exit and sneak up on you.

Experiment with the grenades in the game to learn how to use them to your advantage.

pubg consumables

Use Your Boosts Towards the End of the Game

Boosts can be used at any time in the game. Painkillers and energy drinks are a great way to get a competitive advantage, but so many players will end a match without ever using these boosts. You should, if you’re one of the last 15 players left, use boosts late in the game.


Any advantage can help you have leverage over the competition and kill players off. Boosts that are included are health recovery boosts, which will tick your health up and may mean the difference between being able to be shot one more time and winning or dying on the next bullet that you take.

pubg hide in bushes

Hide in the Bushes

No one wants to be that player that hides away and doesn’t take shots against other players. You don’t want to feel like you’re hiding away, but you’ll find that hiding can net you a few kills.

A lot of players will hide in the bushes and watch as other players run right by them.

The bushes will not fully conceal you, but there are a lot of players sitting in the bush and you won’t see them until it’s too late. When you find a good hiding space, especially when a lot of players are alive, you can get a lot of kills in with little effort.

When you follow these tips, you’ll start to become better at PUBG Mobile and will have a better chance at getting chicken dinner. If you like playing the game, you might want to consider getting The Elite Pass, which provides you with extra item skins and will automatically grant you free ranks. In order to get them, you will need to buy PUBG UC, the game’s currency in order to unlock the Elite pass.