Kung Fu All Star Weekly Special Event – Lucky Roulette

★ This week special ★

Event date: 10/11/2017 – 13/11/2017

Lucky Roulette Open:This week Point Ranking Reward is Quality 14 <Spy> Yoshiko


★ Game Weekly Events ★

Event date: 10/11/2017 – 16/11/2017

Special Master Pack:3 Star 13 Quality MA JingWu Panda is now available! Now only for Deposit 599 Gold to get them!
Deposit Event: Deposit to specific amount to get MA <Panda Girl> Yang.
New Transporter Bonus event:Escort & Hijack with Specify time , Will be get extra silver
Death Challenge: Get <JingWu> Chen Zhen souls by going Game Of Death!
Update Limited Time Store with more new items.
7 Days Login Bonus with valueble items.

Weekend Double Drop Rate:
Get x2 items by playing Normal dungeon : 11/11/2017 – 12/11/2017

Top up @Cash Malaysia (CiB) and login Kung Fu All Star now!

Kung Fu All Star

GooglePlay: Click HERE.
App Store: Click HERE.


For more information, please visit:
Kung Fu All Star Facebook Fanpage.
Kung Fu All Star Official Site.

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