Kungfu All-Star: Halloween Special Event


Halloween is coming, Halloween Martial Artist – Scarecrow.A is here now!

Top up @Cash Malaysia (CiB) and login Kung Fu All Star now!

Kung Fu All Star

★Halloween Special 40% Promotion★

Event period: 27/10/2017 ~ 2/11/2017

Promotion Details:
During the promotion time, deposit any amount to get extra 40% Gold.

299 Gold Extra 40% 419 Gold
599 Gold Extra 40% 899 Gold
999 Gold Extra 40% 1499 Gold
1999 Gold Extra 40% 2999 Gold
2999 Gold Extra 40% 4499 Gold
5999 Gold Extra 40% 8999 Gold
7999 Gold Extra 40% 11999 Gold
9999 Gold Extra 40% 14999 Gold


1. Double gold reward for 1st time purchase Not available during this promotion period (27th ~ 2nd Nov).
2. The 40% extra will not counted and accumulate in VIP Level Exp.

Brace yourself !!

As many more Halloween Event will also be available in game!


GooglePlay: Click HERE.
App Store: Click HERE.

For more information, please visit:
Kung Fu All Star Facebook Fanpage.
Kung Fu All Star Official Site.

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Kung Fu All Star (SEA)


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