LifeAfter Celebrates New Year with New Hero, New Event, and Much More



A new announcement is coming over Radio 101 survivors, listen up. Mobile zombie survival game LifeAfter is celebrating New Years with a New Year Celebration event! The event features a new outfit, a new event, red packet gifts, and much more. Check out the details below:

New OUtfit: “New Hero”



A new Outfit “New Hero” is now available for purchase in the mall. Enjoy a limited-time discount during the event. Purchase the outfit to get a bonus exclusive action.

Winter Visit Event



During the event, Survivors can claim and complete the quest by finding related NPCs and following hints. Complete each stage of the quest to get corresponding rewards!

Camp Red Packets



Survivors can send Gold Bar Red Packets in the Camp channel with Credits between Dec. 31, 2020 and 8:00 Jan. 14, 2021.


During the event, Survivors can get Firework Materials while gathering, fishing, or in combat. Submit the materials to Trade Federation members for rewards. If you collect enough materials, there will be Firework Performances at 18:00 that day. Take selfies with Fireworks to get Firework Blessing Rewards.

Top Racer Event

During the event, select a designated vehicle at the starting line to join a race contest. Complete the contest to gain points. Accumulate points to earn rewards. Rank in the top 50 on the personal score leaderboard to receive the personal rank reward. The score of players who ranked in the top 50 will be counted towards the Camp score. If a Camp ranks in the top 10 on the leaderboard, all its members will receive a rank reward.

Ride Through the Lands Event



From Dec. 31, 2020 to 8:00 Jan. 14, 2021, exchange New Dollars with New Year Colorful Flags to get bonus lottery boxes, from which you can get special rewards, including new vehicle series “Pegasus”, new Drone chip “Mouse: Skyward”, and more. You can also get Glimmering Gold while drawing items. These can be used to exchange for extra rare Rewards.

Lucky Gift Box



The Lucky Gift Box will be online from Jan. 7, 2021 to 8:00 Jan. 14, 2021. Purchase the Boxes with Checks to get great rewards including Videogame Master Clothes Box, Videogame Master Headwear Box, Underwater City Eco Tank, Formula Shard*999, and more.

New Year Benefits

During the event, share at Benefits ¨C New Year Benefits to get a large number of Benefit Rewards.

Exquisite furniture



Exquisite furniture available at Caravan Market for a limited time! Don’t miss Hand-Crafted Shell Bed, Silver Coral, Long-Armed Octopus, and more! Check out the new Adorable Moo Furniture Chest that can be opened for rare furniture such as Mechanical Knight Moo, Princess Moo Sleeping Bag, Demon Moo Chair, and more.

All these events and more await you on LifeAfter right now! Get this free to play game today and enhance your experience with our LifeAfter Diamonds:




For more Information:
LifeAfter Official Homepage

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