OffGamers 13th Anniversary – Love Dance FREE Platinum Membership Promotion

Event Duration: 29th June 2017 – 20th July 2017

Event Detail: Recharge your purchased Cubits from OffGamers to your Love Dance Account and get FREE Platinum Membership


1. Purchase any Cubizone Cubits denomination via OffGamers via this link:

2. Top up the Cubits on your Love Dance Account

3. Each denomination has a corresponding FREE Platinum Membership reward. Here are as follows:

100 Cubits – 1 Day FREE Platinum Membership
200 Cubits – 2 Days FREE Platinum Membership
400 Cubits – 4 Days FREE Platinum Membership
1,000 Cubits – 10 Days FREE Platinum Membership
4,000 Cubits – 40 Days FREE Platinum Membership

4. The more Cubits you recharge, the more platinum membership you will get!

– Please wait within 2 – 3 working days to receive your new membership reward
– If the player has a currently running Silver or Gold Membership, it will convert the remaining membership days to Platinum
– By joining this event, you automatically agree to terms and conditions set by Cubinet Interactive and OffGamers Sdn Bhd

About the Platinum Membership:
Platinum Membership is the newest daily membership perks of Love Dance. By availing this feature, you will get the following daily:

  • 100 Diamonds daily rebate
  • Platinum member logo
  • Platinum benefit pack
  • Platinum floor halo
  • Platinum hand light effect
  • Platinum megaphone frame
  • Platinum chat emojis
  • Member login server notice
  • Daily x2 coins for the first 20 dance battles
  • Daily x2 EXP for the first 20 dance battles


Get your free Love Dance Platinum Membership now!

Cubizone Cubits


For more information, please visit:
Love Dance Official Site.

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Cubizone Cubits (SEA)

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