OffGamers Introduces OffGamers Points



A new and exciting change is coming to OffGamers, we are proud to announce the launch of our brand new OffGamers Points! Here’s a breakdown of what it is:

What are OffGamers Points?



OffGamers Points, a.k.a. OP is a loyalty reward program for OffGamers customers that allows you to redeem OffGamers Store Credit with OP.

How can I earn OP?



OP are awarded upon any successful transaction(s) made for almost all products listed on the OffGamers website. Certain products and all Store Credit purchases are exempted.

Who are eligible for OP?



OP are available for all customer groups, ranging from Regular to Platinum members. Do note that the OP you earn may vary over time.

When will OP expire?



OP does not expire, you’ll keep all your OP until you redeem them or until you deactivate your account.

Where can I redeem my OP?



Once you have at least 50,000 OP, you can redeem your OffGamers Store Credits at

You can also check by clicking on your OffGamers Account Button and clicking on the OP tab as illustrated below:

step 01


On the next page simply select “Redeem OffGamers Points”. If you have sufficient OP, select “Redeem Now” and your account will automatically process your request.

Steap 02


Note that the conversion may take up to 2 working days. 10,000 OP is the equivalent of US$ 1.00 worth of Store Credits.

That’s a basic introduction to OffGamers Points. For more information you may visit our support page here.

The more you spend, the greater the rewards! Don’t miss out on your chance to win big now! Start accumulating your OffGamers Points today!

For more Information:
OffGamers Points Support Page

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