Perfect World 2 Epic Return on 22 July 2015

perfect world 2

After years of ups and downs, 4Games, subsidiary of Perfect World Co, Ltd proudly announce the most exciting game – Perfect World 2 will be launch on 22nd July 2015!


Perfect World 2 has adapted the brand new engine: Shadow lands Ⅲ, adhering both concepts of western and oriental, launching entire new dynamic spellcasting system, emphasize on nimble operation in the middle of fight. Utilizing complete gear upgrade with new skill play, to convey the fight excitement and sense of tactical skill play to player.

perfect world 2

The new system of Perfect World 2 has blend in all the classic elements such as cultivation, battle fight, teamwork role play, in order to bring the most intriguing contents to players!

New Race, New Class

【Night Shade】- The descendants of human being and God of Death, possessed with unique charm. Night Shade is the creation of new engine: Shadow lands III, which can perform dynamic spellcasting, enable Night Shade moves nimbly during each fight. This would be a totally new trial to player’s control skill and fight tactic.

【Night Shade】divided into 2 classes: Night Shadow & Artumes

perfect world 2

Unique Aerogear

Regardless novice or old player, each race will have new aerogear to fly you in the new map of Perfect World 2!

perfect world 4

Overturning the Conventional Instance

Introducing new instance Eolian Dunes and Eolian Mirage! Both instances located amidst of Gobi desert, which is totally new play style! The map, scene, mob, BOSS are all random, greatly enhance the excitement of challenging instance!

Fully Enhanced Gear

12 main races, ”Rank 8 Suits”, “Advanced Morai Suits” and “Grade 16 Weapon” can all be upgraded with corresponding materials, fully enhance gear attributes to boost your ability!

New System, New Invention

Fully optimized game interface! After create a new character, will be able to experience new novice quest! 6 main races will be sharing same trial quest, player can also try out new learning skill way to master all skills in faster way!

New Trial, New World

New server Twilight will be opening, more loots are waiting for you! Besides, Nation War will be having new play style, player gets to seize resources to gain lucrative reward!

Who would be the owner of thousands of valuable rare items? Various events are welcoming you in Perfect World 2! Quickly join the mystical Perfect World 2, experience an entire new play style of MMORPG!

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