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pirate king international

PKI new server S19 Sabo will launch on 24th January 2017!

Pirate King International is an online, browser-based Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) that utilizes a turn-based combat system. The game plot is adapted from the success of the world renowned Japanese Anime and Manga franchise, One Piece. Here, you have the opportunity to find your favorite One Piece characters in the world of Pirate King International and build your own personal pirate crew!


To celebrate the new server launches, we are preparing a reward promotion for Ahoy Pirates !!

Players who top up of 500 gold during the promotion period, will be able to claim following rewards on the daily basis.

Promotion Period: 20th Jan Friday 00:00:00 server time until 25th Jan Friday 23:59:59 server time 2017 (6 Days)

Terms and Conditions:

1. With just a 500 gold top up on the specific day during the point recharge period will give you point to claim  the day reward.

2. Each day from day 1 until day 6 will have a different sets of reward for you to claim.

3. The rewards will be send via forum private message in the form of giftcode upon the confirmation and verified that you have perform the top up on the reported day. (Might be earlier if the game developer provide the codes earlier)

4. You can only claim the reward 1x on each day. For example, you cannot claim day 4 reward twice for topping up 1000 gold for day 4. (It only count as once for fulfilling the min requirement 500 gold top up)

5. The received giftcode can only be used for 1 account.

6. Each and every daily check-in will be communicated through forum private message. Sent me (OGM Kevin) private message via forum to do your daily check-in and claim your reward. Here is the format of the message you will need to send to me (OGM Kevin)

Subject – PKI Point Recharge Daily Check-In – (Insert your in game name, example.s5 + server name)

Day 1 recharge 500 gold – complete.
Top up date 20th Jan 2017

For the subsequent check to claim reward, reply the same post:

Day 5 recharge 500 gold – complete
Top up date 25th Jan 2017

Repeat so on so forth, and I will send to you the giftcode on the specific reward day completed.

7. The quantity of giftcodes is now limited. Its now on first come first serve basis. Who ever that message me the earliest on the message time stamp will be prioritized on receiving the reward.


Wait no more! Come! Join Pirate King International and challenge yourself to experience what it takes to be a seafaring adventurer as you explore the world and overcome the obstacles that awaits to obstruct your journey. Meet fellow pirates in the world of Pirate King International who will either join with you alongside your adventure to achieve your legacy or otherwise. As a pirate, the decision will be entirely yours to make, be it to accomplish your personal legacy or to dominate the seas, which is a challenging feat as fellow pirates may not be agreeable to domination.

Therefore,are you ready to set up for an epic pirate adventure and turn the world upside down?!


pki playnow

Pirate King International promises to bring players a visual feast and an electrifying gaming experience.


For more information, please visit:
Pirate King International Official Site.

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