Pirate King International – New features in ‘Jinbe’ 13th server.

News Info:

Gamernizer.com is releasing its 13th server ‘Jinbe’ for Pirate King International on 19th March, 3PM (GMT +8).

Join thousand of players and form strategic alliances with fellow pirates for progression or to plunder others in PvP.

In this server release, new content has been added to satisfy the new and existing players in Pirate King International.

What’s new?

1. 13th server ‘Jinbe’ with less competition for progression.

2. Server merges to bring players onto more populous servers.

The affected servers as follow:
Server 1 and Server 2 will be merged.
Server 3, Server 4 and Server 9 will be merged.

3. Power Up Your Main Character

4. New Orange Equipments

5. New Battlefield

6. Blue and Daily Upgrades

7. New Crew Advance

8. Extra Features
– New dungeon
– Maximum level increase to 165
– New Playground cards : Vista, Marco and Mi Rui
– New cross server warboat : Mody Dick and Red Forces
– New guild level 120 achievement
– New fruit feature, dotate devil tree fruit
– New crew charm upgrade increase up to level 70
– Guild institute new feature, access to defense% at level 115

Pirate King International is based on the highly popular One Piece series. The RPG game features plots based on the Pirate world; alongside an original drawing style and unique gameplay features that uses the latest web-based gaming technologies for maximum enjoyment.

Pirate King International promises to bring players a visual feast and an electrifying gaming experience.


For more information, please visit: Pirate King International Official Site.

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