Pokémon GO Players Need To Use These Battery Devices

Running around and catching Pokémon in Pokémon GO is not easy. Especially when your phone tends to die out at the very moment when you stumble across Blastoise or Charizard due to apps battery draining functions of AR technology and usage of GPS.

That’s why it important to keep yourself ready by having a battery device handy nearby so that you still have some juice left when you need to capture that rare Pokémon or when you find yourself lost and in need of ride home.

Check out the list of battery devices below, recommended by Cinema Blend:

Mophie Charging Case

Mophie Case Charger

If you don’t want to carry around a huge battery around, then Mophie charging cases would be ideal for you. Since it conveniently works as charger and case for your phone, you won’t have to worry about lugging around an extra charger. Plus, it works simply by flipping a switch on the phone and you’re ready for some monster hunting. The Mophie charger cases are priced at about $90 on Amazon with a waterproof version available at $130 on Amazon.

Pokéball Charger

PokeBall Charger

Sure, you could go for convenience and easy-of-use for a battery device, but if you really want to get into being a Pokémon trainer, then you’ll need this Pokéball Charger that’ll complete your look for Pokémon GO. The only downside to the battery device is that it’s quite bulky to carry around. It’s available on Etsy for $40.

RAVPower 20100mAh Portable Charger

RavPower Charger

While the first two are great choices, if you want to opt for pure charging capability, then the RAVPower 20100 mAh Portable Charger is a great choice. What makes the device great for Pokémon players is the fact that it charges at lightning speed which is very handy for players who need a quick charge while they are seeking out for a rare Pokémon. The RavPower can be found for $73 on Amazon.

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Pokémon GO is available now for Android and iOS on selected regions.

Source: Cinema Blend

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