PS Plus 6th Anniversary Celebration – Exclusive Activities Are Coming!

PlayStation®Plus is stepping into her 6th Anniversary! Thank you for all your support. We will continue to strive for our best in the future.

To celebrate the 6th Anniversary with you, instead of sharing a piece of cake with you (we don’t have a cake big enough for hundreds of thousands people), 6 great offers are here for you! Read on!


(1) PlayStation®Store Exclusive “12+2”-month Membership

Simple but absolutely great – Buy PS Plus 12-month membership THROUGH PlayStation®Store from 1 to 14 Jun and you will get extra 2-month membership. Buying twelve 1-month memberships doesn’t count (and they cost you more) so get your extra 2-month membership right!


(2) Retail Shop Limited “6th Anniversary Memorable Pack” Available

Starting from 24 Jun, “6th Anniversary Memorable Pack” will be available at PlayStation® Authorized Dealers. “6th Anniversary Memorable Pack” includes one “6th Anniversary Special Edition 12-month Membership Card” and a “Polygon DUALSHOCK®4 Holder” (Black or White*). How much is this quantity-limited pack? RM129, exactly same as the standard 12-month membership!

*The colour of the holder is picked at random.


(3) 4 Weeks Facebook Contest for Prizes

We will be holding 4 mini games on PlayStation Asia Facebook Page. At 1pm on every Wednesday from 1 Jun, a mini game post will appear on the page, follow the instruction and finish the game as fast as you can to win prizes! Details are HERE.


(4) Enjoy Double Discount Offer

Starting from 1 Jun to 15 Jun, selected games will be discounted and you can save up to 70% if you are PS Plus member! So do stay tuned and you will definitely love it! Details are HERE.


(5) Amazing PS Plus Free Game Jun Monthly Lineup

This month, we will include some really great monthly free games for PS Plus members to enjoy including PS4® game “NBA 2K16”, PS4® game “TROPICO 5” and more. Click HERE for more details.


Terms and Conditions of PlayStation®Store “12+2” month Membership:

  1. 12+2 Membership (“The offer”) is exclusive for PlayStation®Network (Asia regions), you are entitled to PlayStation®Plus 14-month membership (12-month membership plus 2-month bonus) when purchasing the offer at PlayStation®Store.
  2. The offer period is from 1 June, 2016 to 14 June, 2016 (both dates inclusive).
  3. To enjoy the exclusive offer, please purchase “12+2 membership” during the said period at PlayStation®Store.
  4. Existing PlayStation®Plus members who have auto-renewed membership during the said period are not entitled to the offer.
  5. The offer will be renewed automatically for 12 months unless you cancel “automatic renewal” setting prior to expiration.
  6. Sony Interactive Entertainment Hong Kong Limited (“SIEH”) reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions without prior and separate notice.
  7. SIEH reserves the final right in the event of any dispute.


For more information, please visit: HERE.

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