Razer Gold (Rixty) Sweepstakes Is Back In Conjunction With OffGamers 15th Anniversary

Congratulations, Winners!

Winner ID: 2517861 – Winner Name: abdallah harby

Winner ID: 2981381 – Winner Name: Fahad Saad

Winner ID: 4003628 – Winner Name: alhage toop

Winner ID: 4914649 – Winner Name: Umar Bawany

Winner ID: 3399447 – Winner Name: Son Tran Hoang



Let’s celebrate with OffGamers & Razer Gold Code (Rixty)!

In conjunction with OffGamers 15th Anniversary, we will be giving away more amazing prizes, only at OffGamers!

USD50 Razer Gold Code (Rixty) X 5 Winners

Purchase any Razer Gold Code (Rixty) at OffGamers and you will automatically enter the contest for a chance to win a USD50 Razer Gold Code (Rixty)! Prizes will be sent to the winners on or before 25 July 2019.

* Promotion is valid for purchases of Razer Gold Code (Rixty) made only at OffGamers between 28 June 2019 00:01 – 11 July 2019 23:59 (GMT+8).

That’s not all, you will also stand a chance to win an OffGamers Gift Card if you check out using PayPal with a minimum purchase of USD15 (Super Grand Prizes: OGC 500, T&C applied).


Hurry! Grab a Razer Gold Code (Rixty) now and don’t miss your chance to win amazing prizes!

Razer Gold Code


For more information, please visit:
Razer Gold Official Site.

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Razer Gold Code (Rixty)


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