Ryzom: Finally in STEAM

Enter a unique science fantasy MMORPG and dive into a unique organic living world!

Atys is an enchanting and unique world, formed by the massive growth of vegetation with enormous roots. Populated by intelligent plants, harmless herbivores and fearsome predators; its marvels are matched by its dangers.

Exploring this world will lead you through its multiple ecosystems, from the burning desert to the sublime lakes, from the majestic forest to the luxuriant jungle gnawed by a deadly plague, and even into the dark depths of the planet, traversed by rivers of sap.

There are 5 continents with different eco-systems, which consist of:-

  1. The Scorching Desert, dominated by The Fyros
  2. The Temperate Forests, dominated by The Matis
  3. The Tropical Lakes, inhabited by the Trykers
  4. The Lush Jungle, dominated by The Zoraïs
  5. The Underground Prime Roots

The different races are:-

  1. Matis which are a sophisticated, cultured and ambitious people and are artists and conquerors
  2. Fyros claim to be the warrior people of Atys. Eager for adventure, fighting and hunting against people they consider worthy to defy.
  3. Zoraïs  are naturally calm and spiritual, which are tallest of all races.
  4. Trykers are smallest people by height, but are peaceful, devoted to liberty and bon vivant.

There is so much more about the game, check Ryzom’s Official Website for more in depth information!

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