STEAM – Virtual Reality

Are you ready to play STEAM in Virtual Reality?

Games like these are already awesome without it being in VR, but with this, oh gosh it will be awesome and so much more real!!

The Valve Headquarters has brought a few of them to try out the new VR, and see how they enjoyed it at the video above.

Featured Game:


ss_814eaed78e8ffc6453619333b3230e9b0f80103a.1920x1080      ss_b54b60a4c9ac1fcb6ff2c67c0c634fab1ba8eebe.1920x1080


ss_701c2c2c63070afc92bd950d90011463e2384b52.1920x1080      ss_a5669ed09694eb1f63c56707a4e7cc5ebbe14e9e.1920x1080

The Lab

ss_b297c61cdc62c206561fa5c194ec24d179981918.1920x1080      ss_bbdec73ee36fc998dbd22e197dee0c82e6ef8c6c.1920x1080

Elite Dangerous

ss_eac54f93d5349ce617338e9d90ccca540687a4a3.1920x1080      ss_72817156aa0d593272dfe1c19cff92aa4e7cf2c5.1920x1080

and many more

For more info, click link below

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