SWTOR: Knight of the Eternal Throne

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Information regarding new expansion of Star Wars: The Old Republic has been surfaced, and it is called Knight of the Eternal Throne, a bold new digital expansion from BioWare.

Be the Outlander and command a team of hand-picked allies as you face one of the most dangerous families in Star Wars™. Mother against daughter. Sister against brother. It’s a fight for control of the throne. You decide who will live, who will die and who will rule the galaxy. Fight to influence the galaxy for the light or dark side of the Force™!

To all Premium players, this expansion will be free for all of them.

The following are the benefits of getting Premium:-

Premium at October 25th: Get Shae Vizla, a companion which is an infamous mercenary and bounty hunter.


Premium at November 27th: Get Rapid Recon Walker Mount.


Get them in between October 25th to November 27th and you’ll be able to join 3 days ahead of official launch by being a Premium player. Early Access begins November 29th.

Get Premium Now!

For more extensive information, click the link below,

Knight of the Eternal Throne

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