The True Mobile Action RPG – War and Soul (刃无双) is coming!

War and Soul – The True Mobile Action RPG!​

Gather the souls of great generals and combine them with skills to create your own action adventure! Freedom in high-quality action! Dazzling and refined graphics! Stylish action gameplay! A whole new level of action RPG!

Game Features

*Unique Soul System
– A new type of battling system where the action changes depending on your various characters!
– Gather souls and sweep across the battle field with your generals!

*Team Battles
– The action is different, but you have one goal!
– Join forces with party members to annihilate your enemies!

*Various Real-time PvP Battles
A fight for power that you cannot back out of!
– Arena: Real-time Cross-realm 1 vs. 1
– Duel Colosseum : Real-time 1 vs. 8 with global players

*Guild Battles
– A fierce fight for your guild’s honor!
– Use teamwork to win real-time 3 vs. 3 guild battles!

*Godly Weapons
– The ultimate power which transcends your own limits!
– Those who acquire godly weapons shall rule the world!

Greet the great general’s return now!

** This game is available in 9 languages, including English, Thai, Vietnamese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Portuguese, Espanol, Korean and Japanese.



《刃无双》 – 动作手游巅峰!



– 独有的韩系美术风格加顶级引擎技术,打造前所未有的真实冷兵器三国乱世!
– 融入神话及僵尸元素,神剧情脑洞大开,上百关卡精彩呈现

– 真实物理碰撞系统,无锁定、无限制,体验横扫千军、乱阵之中取上将首级的逼真快感

– 拯救三国名将,汲取并组合百变武魂技能;
– 超自由策略搭配培养,创造你独一无二的英雄!

– 公会战:与全球公会实时战斗,称霸三国;
– 巅峰竞技场:与全球玩家跨服实时竞技,一较高下;
– 团队Boss战:与好友一起拯救被操控的三国名将;
– 多人大乱斗: 8人实时无限制自由PK。

公会争霸,谁是全球最强王者,War and Soul – 刃无双 等你来战!

** 游戏支持9种语言:英语、泰语、越南语、简体中文、繁体中文、葡萄牙语、西班牙语、韩语以及日语。


For more information, please visit:
War and Soul – 刃无双 Official Site.

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