This App Gives You Alerts On Pokemon Nearby For Pokemon GO

We love Pokémon GO, but the game still has some issues that make it hard to play. One of the big issues about Pokémon GO is that in order to receive alerts on nearby Pokemon, you always have to keep your phone out with the screen on at all times.

Until the Pokémon GO Plus accessory arrives, you’re stuck with having to hold your phone up while walking around.

Pokemon GO Notifications

For Android users, however, there is an app that you can use to give you notifications whenever there’s a Pokémon nearby. The catch? You’ll need a smartwatch and you could possibly get banned from using the app.

The app, called PokeDetector, works by pairing “an Android Wear smartwatch with the game to give you a heads-up when you’re near a Pokémon.” That way, you can receive alerts on your smartwatch, instead of having your face glued to your phone’s screen all the time, which can be dangerous.

PokeDetector App

As mentioned, though, you’ll need an Android smartwatch to use it and the app uses unofficial Pokémon GO codes which could get your account banned by Niantic. The developer of the app suggests players to use a secondary/dummy account to use the app for alerts and switch back to your primary account when a Pokémon appears nearby since both accounts will receive the same spawning point.

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Pokémon GO is available now for Android and iOS on selected regions.

Source: Google Play Store via Kotaku

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