Top Up Love Dance Global with MGC to win Diamond Ang Pow!

Event Date: 23rd January 2017 – 31st January 2017

Event Details:
Get FREE Ang Pow by Topping Up Love Dance Diamonds via Multi Game Card (MGC). Each Ang Pow gives a random chance from 18 to 88 diamonds!

Below is the amount of Ang Pow Rewards for every successful MGC Denomination Top Up:

1. USD 2 MGC Top Up (120 Diamonds) – 1pcs Ang Pow
2. USD 5 MGC Top Up (290 Diamonds) – 2pcs Ang Pow
3. USD 10 MGC Top Up (580 Diamonds) – 5pcs Ang Pow
4. USD 20 MGC Top Up (1200 Diamonds) – 10pcs Ang Pow
5. USD 30 MGC Top Up (2030 Diamonds) – 18pcs Ang Pow
6. USD 50 MGC Top Up (3380 Diamonds) – 30pcs Ang Pow
7. USD 100 MGC Top Up (6770 Diamonds) – 70pcs Ang Pow

Web Top Up link: Click to get your Free Ang Pow NOW !


Terms and Condition:
1. Promotion is only OPEN To Love Dance GLOBAL Server Players Only.
2. Only for Love Dance GLOBAL Server players who top up using Multi Game Card (MGC).
3. Ang Pow will be send to in game box within 1 to 2 working days after successful MGC top up for Love Dance GLOBAL server.

1. Mechanics, rules and prizes may change without prior notice.
2. By joining this event, users automatically agree to the conditions and terms given by the Love Dance Team.

Love Dance (SEA)

Buy MGC in Indonesia.
Buy MGC in Cambodia.
Buy MGC in Philippines.
Buy MGC in Vietnam.
Buy MGC in Thailand.

How to top up Love Dance using MGC – Click to see.


For more information, please visit: Love Dance Official Site.

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Love Dance (SEA)

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