Top Xbox One Games to Buy with an Xbox Gift Card

Did you get an Xbox gift card and are looking for games to buy? We’ve all been there before, and there are a lot of games that you’ll be able to buy. But you can also use your gift card to buy other items, such as:

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With no fees or expiration dates, you can use your Xbox gift card to make purchases on Xbox, Windows and on the Microsoft Store online. If you get an Xbox gift card online, you’ll just need to enter your digital code to redeem it.

Fast and easy to purchase and use, the most common item purchased with these gift cards are games. You can even purchase Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Game Pass with your gift card, so it really does cover all of your gaming needs.

If you have a gift card, an available balance or just want to buy an Xbox gift card for someone else, these are the top games people are buying this year.

Xbox’s Hottest Games of 2019

read dead redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2

Rockstar Games is back with their second iteration of Red Dead Redemption. Set in 1899 in America, the end of the Wild West is starting to take place. A robbery goes bad in the town of Blackwater, and Arthur Morgan (who you’ll be playing) is in the middle of the conflict.

Does he go with the gang as they rob, steal and fight their way through America?

He needs to choose between his own ideals and the gang that he has been raised with. It’s an exciting action game with stunning visuals, an immersive environment and crisp audio that makes Red Dead Redemption feel like you’re part of the game’s world.

You’ll be a gunslinger, working your way through the storyline, making decisions that will question your own morals.

If you’re a fan of the Grand Theft Auto series, Red Dead Redemption is one of the games that you’ll regret not playing. It’s fun, exciting and has very high ratings across the board.

assassins creed odyssey

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

I know, another Assassin’s Creed game that will disappoint gamers, but Odyssey is surprisingly refreshing. You’ll be back in the times of the Greek and Spartan wars in 431 BC. You’ll be in control of a misthios, or a mercenary, and there is a main male or female character to play.

Multiple endings, branching quests, sea battles, Odyssey has it all in one massive environment where you’ll play either Alexios or Kassandra, both from the bloodline of Leonidas I.

You’ll inherit Leonidas’ broken spear and work your way through the game not knowing who to trust, as cultists are everywhere. Mercenaries will hunt you down for your misdeeds, and you’ll have complete control over how your mercenary fights thanks to the skill and talent trees (3 in total).

Develop romantic relationships with other characters, and even discover artifacts from the time of Atlantis.

You’ll meet ancient characters along the way, including Herodotus, Hippocrates, Socrates and countless others. Explore the ancient Greek work in all of its glory.

devil may cry 5

Devil May Cry 5

Devil May Cry 5 follows the 4th version of the game, and you’ll be set several years after the events that transpired in DMC 4. Super fun and fluid, Dante’s back, along with his friends, to engross you in an action-adventure that will have you glued to the controller.

You’ll move at a legendary pace, fighting demons as the last three demon hunters alive.

Each demon hunter offers its own unique gameplay and style, so players can choose which hunter they want to play based on their preferred gaming style. Rip through the hordes of demons with gun and sword combat, and use a variety of weapons to take down your foes.

Play as Dante, Nero or Nico in Red Grave.

Nero plunges into battle head first, and his Devil Break anti-demon arm is a new power that awaits players as they hack, slash and shoot their way through demon after demon. Fans of the Devil May Cry series will feel justified waiting for Devil May Cry 5 – a true masterpiece, according to many reviewers.

forza horizon 4

Forza Horizon 4

Action games not your style? Forza Horizon 4 is a racing game that is the best in its class, and it offers full character customization and immersive gameplay from the start. From sound to visuals, Forza Horizon 4 has an array of automobiles, extensive customization options and a steady stream of rewards.

You’ll be able to start a new in-game season every week with season-specific challenges and a whole entirely new look to the world.

Live play against or with 11 other characters is offered, too. But you’re not tied to just one style of racing. You’re really in full control with the option to:

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You can play online or offline, although the online element is really what makes the game one of the best racing titles to date.

kingdom hearts 3

Kingdom Hearts 3

Kingdom Hearts 3 is finally here, and it’s an action-RPG that I personally waited a long time to see. Built upon Disney’s worlds, you’ll be part of your favorite childhood characters. You’ll have beautiful combat and visuals, and the set is like playing on a movie-quality set.

You’ll come across Goofy and Donald Duck. Sora and Mickey are there, too.

Gameplay lasts somewhere around 27 hours, and the hack and slash combat is refreshing. Sora remains the main character with Donald and Goofy on the team and two additional characters able to join for a complete five-player party.

Enter the Toy Story world, Pirates of the Caribbean and even Frozen as you play with different styles and objectives. The Gummi Ship is also back with great customization options available. If you’re a fan of Disney, this is the one game that you’ll want to play this year.

The graphics are stunning, the audio is brilliant and the storyline is in-depth, albeit a tad slow at times.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is a game that all ages can love.

gears of war 4

Gears of War 4

Gears of War 4 has been around for a few years, but it’s still one of the best games on the market. You’ll take control of an iconic hero that has now aged, but is still prepared for war. Many of the same gameplay elements are put into the 4th title, and you’ll be able to knock enemies off balance with shoulder charges, shoot and deal with massive weather changes.

You may be playing in the trees with a heavy breeze and dust before a category 3 storm rolls in, impacting your combat and gameplay.

Online and cooperative modes are available.

A new monstrous enemy is in town, as JD Fenix, Kait and Del have to rescue their loved ones. There are new weapons, combat moves and knife executions to master. There is also Horde 3.0, which you can play with four other players as waves of enemies come your way.

Level up your skills, survive and maybe you’ll be able to save your loved ones from a world thrown into chaos.

resident evil 2

Resident Evil 2

Resident Evil 2 is a game that left many old-time gamers with nightmares as children. But the game, while great for its time, is a pixelated mess now. It has since been remastered, bringing the old horror back to life as the world faces sudden doom from a virus that keeps spreading.

A survival horror game, you’ll be thrown into Raccoon City with all new visuals.
Reimagined, the game has zombies around every corner, immersive cameras, and in-depth storylines to go through. The entire Raccoon City has been reimagined and built from the ground up to feel nostalgic yet somehow refreshingly new to players.

It’s a terrifying world that Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield are part of, and you’ll have to fend off zombies as you attempt to survive the onslaught from the dead.

Everything players love from the original has been incorporated, from the arsenal of weapons to the Claire Scenario and the 2nd Run which can only be unlocked by completing the game for the first time.

rocket league

Rocket League

Rocket League is a game that I personally love, and it’s much different than any other game I have played. It’s kind of like mixing soccer and race cars together, and it’s pure genius as you’re able to race around field after field with your teammates.

But you’re a car, and this means that you’ll have to slide to hit the ball, grab speed boosts to gain leverage against your opponents, and even fly through the air.
Soccer with rocket-powered cars, the game can be played on single-player mode, or you can bring in multiple players and play online. There have been several updates to the game since it first came out in 2016, and this allows for cross-platform play.

You can play with your friends who are on PC or PS4.
Online play is competitive, and later updates have made it so that you can change the rules of the game. You can play with rules that are similar to basketball and hockey, too. While the concept of the game seems rather easy, it’s difficult to master.

You have to know when to use your speed boosts, master using your rocket power to hit balls in the air and learn how to turn properly.

It’s a lot of fun, and there are some elements of demolition derby involved where you can smash into other vehicles and cause them to explode. It’s all part of the immersive gameplay, and if you think this is a game that will be a breeze to master, you’re wrong.

It’s fun and exciting, but Rocket League is not a game that is easily mastered. With that said, it’s one of the best twists I have seen put on a sports game to date.

tekken 7

Tekken 7

If you have ever been in an arcade, chances are you’ve passed a Tekken game inside. Well, the fun-to-play fighting game is back, and it’s in the 7th iteration. Awesome 3D graphics and fighting with a very loose story behind a son and father’s struggle ensue.

Tekken 7 has included much of the same gameplay that players have loved over the years, but the developers have refined it further. Rage systems have been expanded, and there are flash super moves that allow for high impact battles.

New combos and blocks are also involved with rage, and players coming back to Tekken will find many of the changes refreshing. You’ll be able to play a variety of fun and interesting fighters, some that have been in the game for years and others which bring new fighting moves and styles into the game.

Gameplay is better than it has ever been, and there is a story mode that can be played through for solo play. Solo play remains underwhelming, as the real fun is playing online or with friends. Ranked and unranked gameplay does exist, so if you’re more competitive, this is definitely the Tekken game that you have been waiting to play for years.

If you’re looking for a fighting game that doesn’t need to keep you glued to the screen for days at a time, this is it. It’s the casual fighting game that you can pick up, play with friends and come back to in a few weeks without worrying about a complex storyline.

If none of these games sound good to you or you’re looking for other games to buy if you get an Xbox gift card, you’ll want to check out Xbox’s new releases and upcoming releases. Reviews can also provide you with a good idea of which games you may like.

And if you want to buy a gift card but haven’t yet, make sure you read this before you buy an Xbox gift card. You’ll learn everything you can and can’t do with your card. There are a lot of reasons to buy your card online, so educate yourself and I’m sure you’ll find that the benefits outweigh the risks with these cards.