Weekend Discount Sexy Three Kingdoms!


We are proud to present to you the STK special Discount Event so you can enjoy your weekend with Sexy Three Kingdoms!

For you who haven’t joined us yet, come and experience the thrill of Three Kingdoms History, with lots of Goddesses to accompany you!

Event Period: 14th November 2014 00:00 until 16 November 2014 23:50

Event 1: 50% Energy Discount!

During Event period, all Energy purchase with Gold are 50% off! Level up easier and faster!

Event 2: 50% Dragon Boat Discount!

During Event Period, all Boat Escort are 50% off! Players can escort Boat via “Seeking God” feature after reaching Lv 40! By escorting Boat, you can receive Coins and also Fame as rewards! Increase Fame and recruit all known General from Three Kingdoms History!

Event 3: Double Thatched Boat Percentage!

During Event Period, upgrade probability on Thatched Boat will be doubled. Get your Chakra and Fame from Thatched Boat!

Event 4: Mount Rewards!

Spend your Gold during Event and win these Special Mount Rewards!


1. 1 Player can only win 1 Mount, depending on the highest total Gold spent.
2. Mount rewards will be distributed within 3 days after Event has ended.

OffGamers & Carolgames wishing you a joyful and happy weekend!

For more information, please visit:
Game Link
Sexy Three Kingdoms Official Site
Sexy Three Kingdoms FB Fanpage

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