World of Warships – August Combat Missions. Rewards Every Day!

Dear captains:

In August, is going to celebrate the 20th anniversary and will begin preparations for the birthday of beloved game – World of Warships. As usual, the festivities will bring special combat missions, discounts, and rewards!

August plan can be divided into three parts:

· Daily welcome bonuses when logging in.
· Daily Challenges—two series of combat missions every day, as well as monthly missions with bonus rewards for completing Daily Challenges.
· Good old weekend- and event-specific missions, and series of missions.


Top-up World of Warships, something valuable awaits you literally every day!

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Karma Koin
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Welcome Bonuses

· August 24: 1,000 Free XP
· August 25: 4х Zulu signals
· August 26: 2х Surveillance Radar II consumables
· August 27: 4х Papa Papa signals
· August 28: 50,000 Credits
· August 29: 1,000 Free XP
· August 30: 2х India Yankee, Juliet Yankee Bissotwo, and India Bravo Terrathree signals
· August 31: 2х Defensive Fire II consumables


Other Combat Missions

August 24 – 27 Back to School

The summer draws to an end and many players will go back to school. Not everyone wants the summer to end, so to cheer you up World of Warships offers special discounts!


August 24 – September 19 World of Warships’ Birthday

On September 17, World of Warships celebrates its third anniversary! Be grateful to all captains who have sailed our seas and all who are in love with the ocean and history of the navy!


For more information, please visit:
World of Warships August Combat Missions.

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