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Blood Bond - Into the Shroud

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Blood Bond - Into the Shroud
Blood Bond - Into the Shroud WRKS KEY (SA & Central EU & TR)
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About Blood Bond - Into the Shroud WRKS KEY (SA & Central EU & TR)

Blood Bond - Into the Shroud explores RPGs in a new way. With no hand-holding, few forced battles, and no strict paths to follow, you will be rewarded for your exploration across Jordenheim and the discoveries you make. Blood Bond - Into the Shroud is heavily inspired by Norse myths and legends. It is the birth of the world of Jordenheim. Our goal as developers was to provide you a great old-school RPG experience with modern graphics and done in a modern engine. Built-in Unreal.

You will play the role of Astrid, a young Viking witch, and daughter of two heroes of yore. Raised only by her mother and abandoned by her father, Astrid has been outcast by her village. Our story takes place after a hunt, Astrid has found her village destroyed and her mother missing. Unsure of her own capabilities, she seeks out her father, Birger. Thus, begins Blood Bond - Into the Shroud’s adventure of self-discovery. Discover the power of Viking inside and the truth behind it all. Get Blood Bond - Into the Shroud WRKS KEY (SA & Central EU & TR) via OffGamers now!

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