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薄荷加速器 (全球)
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About Bohe Accelerator (Global)

Bohe Accelerator (薄荷加速器) is the best VPN for global users to boost game, music, live streaming, video, and other apps.

——Professional dedicated lines——

Deployed financial dedicated lines, Bohe accelerator customized a variety of friendly functions, effectively solved problems such as cluttering, ping and latency, so that global users can enjoy the fastest network speed of other countries’ game, music, live streaming and video.

——Accelerate at a higher speed——

Bohe accelerator can acquire the fastest internet access to China with high-definition picture and high-speed Internet access.

——Ultra Secure & Anonymous——

Your privacy is being protected by powerful encryption.

What's special about Bohe Accelerator?

Extreme acceleration: Military-grade dedicated line, which effectively solves problems such as high latency, dropped calls, and freezes when users play games.
More stable performance: The whole process of dedicated line acceleration, more stable, super pleasant, not crowded or dropped.

What are the supported games for Bohe Accelerator?

PUBG, Rainbow Six, League of Legends, Grand Theft Auto 5, Counter Strike: GO, DOTA2 and many more!

The technical guarantees enjoyed by Bohe Accelerator:

Bohe Accelerator has a first-class R&D operation and maintenance team in China, monitoring product dynamics at all times, and finding problems that can be solved as soon as possible, minimizing the impact on users.

Bohe Accelerator's Customer Service:

Bohe Accelerator has good customer service. Whether it is pre-sales consulting or after-sales service, they will solve your troubles as soon as possible.

How to recharge your Bohe Accelerator account?

1. Download and install Bohe accelerator.
2. Log in to Bohe Accelerator, and click it "Top up/Recharge" on the left panel.
3. Click on "CDK redemption", and enter your CDK number, click on "redeem" and you're all set!
1. Before recharging the account for the first time, the user must pass the account mobile phone verification to improve the account security, protect the user's rights and interests and serve as the only after-sales certificate.
2. Please recharge the the event gift or trial version Bohe accelerator to the user account within the validity period.