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  • Title: 完美世界
  • Publisher: 完美世界
  • Developer: 完美世界
  • Release Date: -
  • Language: Chinese
  • Region: China (CN)
  • Platform: Others
  • Genre: Others

About Perfect World (CN)

Perfect World (CN) is a Chinese video game developer specializing in MMORPGs. Founded in 2004, Perfect World (CN) aims to develop and market games with Chinese characteristics. Perfect World (CN) has published over 20 popular titles including "Perfect World","Zhu Xian", "Chi Bi". By specializing in constantly evolving online games, Perfect World (CN) is one of the leading publishers in the gaming market.

CNY30 Perfect World Prepaid Card (CN) is the perfect way to pay for all Perfect World's products and services, such as "Perfect World","Zhu Xian", "Chi Bi", "Forsaken World", "Swordsman Online" and so on.

How to top up Perfect World Prepaid Card (CN)?

1. Visit Perfect World Payment Center.
2. Click on the game icon you want to top up.
3. Type in your account ID and confirm, select server, and then select Perfect World Prepaid Card as your payment method.
4. Type in Prepaid Card code & pin, complete sliding verification, and then click on "确认支付"。
5. You have successfully redeem Perfect World Prepaid Card (CN) to your game account.

30元 完美一卡通 (中服)

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30元 完美一卡通 中服
US $ 4.71
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