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  • Title: 唯品会唯品卡
  • Publisher: 唯品会
  • Developer: 唯品会
  • Release Date: -
  • Language: Chinese
  • Region: China (CN)
  • Platform: Others
  • Genre: Others

CNY50 Vipshop VIPCard (CN) Discount Promo

Buy CNY50 Vipshop VIPCard (CN) now! Vipshop is a Chinese company that operates the e-commerce website VIP.com specializing in online discount sales. The focus of Vipshop is genuine brands, while offering deep discounts and limited time based sales.

CNY50 Vipshop VIPCard (CN) is the most convenient way to shop at Vip.com. Vipshop cooperates with the well known domestic and overseas brand agents and manufacturers, it offers low price, high quality and sought-after brand goods to mainland Chinese consumers. So far, there are over 10 thousand brands collaborate with Vipshop, and over 1600 brands authorize Vipshop to run special sales on it's website. The sale goods include clothing, shoes, beauty goods, luggage, home textiles, leather product, accessories, perfume and so on.

- CNY50 Vipshop VIPCard (CN) x1

How to redeem Vipshop VipCard (CN)?

1. Login to your Vipshop account.
2. Click on your account and select "卡券管理".
3. Select Vipshop VipCard, enter the activation code.
4. You have successfully redeem Vipshop VipCard (CN).

唯品会 50元 唯品卡 (中服) 促销

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唯品会 50元 唯品卡 中服 促销
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