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  • Title: Scoin
  • Publisher: VTC Mobile
  • Developer: VTC Mobile
  • Release Date: -
  • Platform: Mobile
  • Genre: Others
  • Region: Vietnam (VN)

About Scoin (VN)

Scoin is an electronic wallet service, providing a synchronous payment solution across all devices and mobile platforms. Cash value after being loaded into Scoin service will be converted to Scoin. This is the currency used to pay for all products and services provided by VTC Mobile, especially games released by VTC Mobile. Get Scoin 20,000 (VN) now with OffGamers!


- Smart, safe, secure
- Convenient, easy to use
- Many incentives for users

With Scoin, users can:

1. Manage personal accounts, support connection through major social networks.
2. Payment of all services and games of VTC Mobile
3. Update all the latest information on both games released by VTC Mobile.
4. Directly buy the game item right on Scoin page
5. Download the latest installs of the latest mobile games released by VTC Mobile.
6. Participate in many regular events with in-game items or great in-kind value.

Scoin 20,000 (VN)

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scoin 20,000 vn
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