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Carrom Gold

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Carrom Gold
Carrom Gold (Mobile)
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Buying Carrom Gold Coins

Carrom Gold Coins are a form of in-game currency used in Carrom Gold in order to start a game. You can also use these gold coins in order to upgrade your strikers and pucks to make them more powerful to be used in games.

Your pucks or strikers are one of the most important features in the game, so be sure to pay attention to them and continue to upgrade them as you go along! With that said, make sure to get some gold coins for your upgrades.

About Carrom Gold App

The Carrom Gold app is designed for you to be able to experience Carrom wherever you go. It’s an app that fits in your pocket, with all sorts of features available. Carrom Gold is a modern take on the traditional Carrom game that’s rather popularized and originated from India.

The app can be found on both Android and iOS as well, so if you’re looking for a competitive take on the traditional Carrom, download it now!

Exciting Features on Carrom Gold

The Carrom Gold app has quite a number of interesting features that revolutionize the traditional game and makes it fun to play for everyone.

First off, there are multiple modes for you to play in, freestyle or competitive. You can challenge your friends by sending them a unique code as an invite and have a great time. Plus, you can even play the game offline, which is a big bonus for when you’re bored.

Secondly, there’s a voice chat feature available so you can talk to your friends or your opponents while you play. This makes connecting with others and making friends from around the globe way easier. You can also strategize or heckle them out loud to your heart's content.

Lastly, there are all sorts of collectables available in the game. You open chests to collect them and show them off to your friends or simply look cool during a game. These chests provide collectable pucks and strikers for you to use.

Payment Methods for Carrom Gold Coins at OffGamers

At OffGamers we offer all sorts of payment methods for those looking to buy their Gold Coins with us. We cater to those shopping from all around the world, with some international payment methods. Our international customers tend to prefer using Mastercard, PayPal and Visa for their purchases.

However so, we’ve got all sorts of online banks, credit cards, offline payment methods, e-wallets and more payment gateways for you to shop with us. When you buy your products with us, you’ll even get them at a cheap price, especially during our many promotions and discounts!

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Frequently Asked Questions on Carrom Gold

How to redeem Carrom Gold Coins?

To redeem your gold coins follow these steps:
1. Go here on your browser.
2. Enter your Player ID and 12-digit pin into the box.
3. Click on ‘Redeem Voucher’ and you’re done.

What are Carrom Gold tips & tricks?

One tip that we would recommend would be to upgrade your strikers as you go along. You can use some gold coins to upgrade them, so another tip is to make sure you’ve stocked up on some gold coins as well!

Does Carrom Gold Coins expire?

As of now, there are no mentions of these gold coins expiring, but it is best to put them to use immediately after purchase to avoid any scams or unwanted problems.