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  • Title: Naruto Slugfest X Monthly Card
  • Publisher: Yoyoo Technology Limited
  • Developer: Yoyoo Technology Limited
  • Release Date: -
  • Language: English
  • Platform: Mobile
  • Genre: RPG
  • Region: South East Asia (SEA)

Monthly Naruto Slugfest X Top Up For South East Asia

The Naruto Slugfest X monthly top up allows you to top up your game every month without having to think twice about it. You’ll have more in-game currencies to spend, which will make your life and gameplay infinitely easier. You’ll also look cooler with the latest cosmetics that come with new events.

Naruto Slugfest X is an action RPG in mobile from one of your favourite anime franchises: Naruto. You get to try out the life of a ninja and follow Naruto in reliving the events of the anime itself. As one of the top anime franchises out there, the storyline is one that would keep you in anticipation.

So, no more missing out! Buying Naruto Slugfest X monthly is a great investment for you to get further in the game with ease.

Why Get Naruto Slugfest X Monthly Top Up

If you’re looking to top up Naruto Slugfest X monthly, you’ll be able to have a constant stream of Gold entering your game for you to spend every month. This way you could always stay updated with the latest items and cosmetics within the game.

Plus, you could always use your Gold to get the latest characters available in the game to buff up your team and be the best of the best while beating the rest. You’ll have access to SS tier characters, which are hard to get in the first place, so make sure to get some Naruto Slugfest X top up today!

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Frequently Asked Questions For Naruto Slugfest X Monthly Top Up

How to top up Naruto Slugfest X monthly?

The Naruto Slugfest X Monthly on our site is a direct top up, so all you have to do is input the correct account information during checkout and your in-game balance will be updated. Make sure to refresh your game to see it update.

How to check Naruto Slugfest X balance?

After buying Naruto Slugfest X monthly, your balance should be reflected on the upper right corner of your game from the moment you log in.

Where to find Naruto Slugfest X Character ID?

Log in to your game and click on your avatar located on the top left. Your Character ID should be displayed right under your name.

Naruto Slugfest X Monthly Card (Mobile) (SEA)

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