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  • Title: Naruto Slugfest X Privilege
  • Publisher: Yoyoo Technology Limited
  • Developer: Yoyoo Technology Limited
  • Release Date: -
  • Language: English
  • Platform: Mobile
  • Genre: RPG
  • Region: South East Asia (SEA)

Naruto Slugfest Privilege Top Up For South East Asia

The easiest way to top up your currencies and more is through this direct top-up option we have readily available for you! Naruto Slugfest X is a game that is currently available in the SEA region but is expected to expand and accommodate more countries in the future. Don’t miss out and pave your own way as a Shinobi and top up Naruto Slugfest X Privilege today!

What is Naruto Slugfest X Privilege For

Naruto Slugfest X Privilege can be used to get 7 days of subscription privileges when put to use in the game. You’ll get extra perks through these privileges which would help your character do better and excel in the game.

Top 3 Tips For Naruto Slugfest X

Improve Your Equipment

As with most games, you would need to improve your equipment as you get stronger and go along your journey. There are four ways to improve your equipment in the game: Enhance, Purify, Magatama and Enchant. Each does something different for your equipment as follows:

Enhance: Boosts attributes by enhancing equipment level.
Purify: Adjusts your equipment attributes.
Magatama: Embed Magatama into your equipment to increase attributes, low-level Magatama can be infused together to be high level, the higher the level the better the attributes.
Enchant: Possibility to gain Spirit Value and Hell Fire bonus as well as Spirit Jade attribute attachment.

Get Into A Clan

Playing games solo is fun, but it's always a better time to be had with friends around. And if you don’t have friends, there’s no harm in joining a random clan and getting to know them. There are five positions in a clan, and the clan level depends on the base level of its members. You can even apply to merge with other clans later on when your clan active points have reached 30 and above.

Choosing A Suitable Class

Lastly, and arguably the most important tip to have, is choosing a class suitable for you. Choose what you would enjoy using that corresponds to your playstyles and preferences. There are four classes for you to choose from - Earth Keeper, Wind Shooter, Blazing Lotus and Thunder Assassin.

Each embodies a different character and role to play in the team.

Payment Options for Naruto Slugfest X Privilege SEA

At OffGamers, you could explore our huge array of payment options that range from e-wallets and credit cards to online banks and offline payment methods. You can also shop with us from anywhere in the world! For those in the SEA region, there is a preference for using ShopeePay, PayPal, Visa and Mastercard for their purchases.

We’ll be sure to send you an instant email delivery notification to notify you of your purchases. We also tend to have all sorts of promotions and discounts available during the festive seasons, so stay tuned if you’re interested to top up Naruto Slugfest X Privilege for cheap!

For more information on our available payment options, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions For Naruto Slugfest X Privilege

How to top up Naruto Slugfest X Privilege?

We provide direct top up for Naruto Slugfest X Privilege on our site, so all you have to do is input your account details during checkout and check your in-game account balance.

How to install Naruto Slugfest X on Android & IOS?

Go to the Google Play Store and search for Naruto Slugfest X. Click on Install and the game will be downloaded into your device.

Is Naruto Slugfest X region locked?

The game is currently only available in selected countries, and will hopefully make its global expansion soon.

Naruto Slugfest X Privilege (Mobile) (SEA)

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