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Chronicles of Blood (WebGame) (Global)

4.9 /5
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Chronicles of Blood is a fighting game.

You are a newly-turned vampire who awakens in Club noir, a local goth club that is also a secret base for vampires. After you awaken as a vampire, you can go to scary locations and fight monsters.

The setting can be called "modern horror" and you will see some creatures you might recognize from horror movies. But everything from the X-files and Resident Evil, Aliens, and World of Warcraft, to magical creatures, the gothic and steampunk movements, graphic novels and fantasy, and things that go bump in the night — all of these and more have influenced the setting.

A modern horror roleplaying game. You are a vampire trying to reach the top of vampire society. A PvE/PvP game with unique artwork, refreshing game elements, and a goth, dark, yet surprisingly fresh setting.