Climber: Sky is the Limit

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About Climber: Sky is the Limit

Climber: Sky is the Limit is an engaging mountain climbing simulator game, where the player is put in the shoes of a climber who braves the harshest challenges of nature among the highest mountain peaks on Earth. Your survival and success hinge on your ability to both plan your route & supplies, and adapt to the ever-changing treacherous terrain of the mountains you’ve set yourself to overcome.

In the game, each expedition is different from the last, with various thrilling challenges to overcome on the way to the summit. The only things you can trust are yourself and your specialised tools, including ice axes, lifelines, and carabiners. These tools will help you face the dangerous obstacles that impede your progress, like blizzards, deathly chasms, steep walls and traverses, and slippery ice slopes. Using the appropriate tool for each scenario and carefully planning out each move will prove vital to your continued progress.

In between and before your summit climbing escapades, you can plan your expedition and choose the appropriate routes and supplies to take along with you, depending on your skill level and the weather conditions on that day. Pack journey essentials before taking on the gargantuan task of scaling the mountains like food and sleeping kits to guarantee your survival among the harsh environs of the freezing mountaintops.