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Dynasty Heroes (Android) (SEA)

4.7 /5
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About Dynasty Heroes

Dynasty Heroes is a stunning tactical RPG mobile game that brings you back to the romantic Samkok adventures. To rewrite the history of SamKok, you need to discover and recruit hundreds of heroes from different kingdoms. You must train them to fight together, awaken their powerful combos skills, and assemble the greatest force ever seen. Do yours in-game purchases now with MyCard Points!

How to top up Dynasty Heroes with MyCard?

1. Download APK and install it.
2. Login to game and Press 【+】.
3. Select【Ingots】that you intended to pay.
4. Select game 【Dynasty Heroes】 > Select server > Select role > Click 【Confirm Payment】 to proceed.
5. Select【Ingots】that you intended to pay.
6. Select 【MyCard】 as your payment method.
7. Select again【Ingots】that you intended to pay, and then click【Pay】.
8. Key in your MyCard Serial number and Password . Next, click 【Confirm to pay】 to complete.