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Your MyCard Points can be used to access about a thousand digital content worldwide whilst having access to exclusive promotions and discounts on the MyCard platform itself.

In addition to that, OffGamers offers a ton of payment options for your ease of purchase. We’ve got all sorts of online banks, credit and debit cards, e-wallets and more for you to choose from. So far, View More ...
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MyCard Points
MyCard Points (Taiwan)
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About MyCard Points Taiwan

With the benefit of being able to top up for 1000+ forms of digital continent across the globe, MyCard is a definitive way to pay for the online content that you engage with regularly. MyCard’s security features and ease of usage allows gamers to freely purchase currencies for their favourite games, or the online platform content that they frequent.

OffGamers offers you a secure and reliable way to buy points, as we are authorised distributors.

Benefits of Using MyCard Points Taiwan

With MyCard, you can easily add funds to your favourite games or online entertainment platforms, and quickly get back into the action. Among the most preferred games where Points are used include:
1. Lineage W
2. Genshin Impact
3. Punishing Gray Raven

These points can be used for much more than just the above, and they have an extensive list of supported titles for their top up system, so don’t forget to give it a try!

Offers for MyCard Points from OffGamers

As an authorised vendor, OffGamers presents its customers with great deals and variety in the amount of points that can be purchased from our website, all offered with cheap prices. Just select the appropriate amount of points that you need, click buy, and you’re good to go. We even have occasional discount promos for eagle-eyed customers, so don’t miss out on them!

Means of Payment for MyCard Points for Taiwan

When deciding on the amount of MyCard Points you would like to avail, it is also important to choose what payment route you’ll take. Here at OffGamers, we present valued customers with a myriad of selections in order to cater to any of their payment needs. For those in Taiwan, we offer the convenience of using PayPal, M2UPay, Skrill, or Adyen to pay out with our website. If you have online banking options, or Visa and MasterCard, you may also make use of those services. We also accommodate offline payments for Taiwanese customers.

Should you find the need for other avenues of payment, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions about MyCard for Taiwan

Why is my MyCard not working?

When topping up here, please make sure to double check that you have not made any typographical errors when filling out the card number or password. Similarly, please be certain about your own game ID or membership ID, and the passwords to those accounts.

It is required to have a MyCard mobile app to verify your purchase, so keep that in mind. Should there still be any errors, you are welcome to contact customer support for further assistance.

How long is MyCard currency valid for?

These topped up Points do not expire after you have entered them into your account, but it is recommended that you immediately visit your region’s MyCard top up page after purchasing points to avoid any complications.

Is MyCard worth it?

Most definitely. MyCard is secured through their membership service and mobile app, and once you have claimed your points and confirmed your account balance, you can safely use those points for a multitude of online content without any difficulties.

How do I buy a MyCard?

You may browse the extensive collection of MyCard denominations at OffGamers for the amount that you require. After verifying your purchase, OffGamers will send you your card number and password, which you can use to top up at their website.
Important Note & Disclaimer:
- OffGamers is the authorised distributor for MyCard.